Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Rough Day But I Fell In Love

Up early, out early, the break room was wall to wall visitors, some kind of non-Google conference, everyone had special name tags on lanyards. Somehow I managed to grab an egg and a soda.

Called BofA, it only took three transfers to get the double debit cleared up. It seems Quicken launched BofA Bill Pay, which it was not authorized to do from either end, and paid $2k to a credit card which was reported stolen several years ago. They will get the $ back into my checking account.

Checked The Hole, no internet, no email saying anything was being done about it. So I packed up my "away" kit, 2 laptops, some cables, a couple of USB drives and put them in the car, then drove the car to the door, propped open the doors and carried out the TV.

Drove to Hole 2, logged into my main laptop and was pleased to see the latest TV build ready for me to download. Which I did, and put it on a USB drive, NP came down just in time to open doors for me and the TV, then she insisted on bringing the TV upstairs.

We have a tiny space too far from the off-corp wifi, and after successfully updating the TV spent the next two hours not connecting to Netflix's test servers.

Noon, I went downstairs, made lunch (beef & grains) ate some mixed fruit for dessert, saw England score a goal and left just after Croatia evened the score.

Took my lunch cooler with me, but left my away kit.

Kaiser at 1 for my 1:30 appointment. New cardiologist was 15 minutes late, but spent extra time with me. Much better connection with her than with the previous one. She doubled my diuretic, kept my beta blocker at its original dosage, ordered a small set of blood tests, and after she left, the EKG woman rolled her machine in. That was after cardiologist made an appointment for 5 pm for an echocardiogram.  No time to go back to work and come back so I emailed Boss & NP to let them know, and went to the poor excuse for a cafeteria they have in the clinic building. Found a fruit plate, orange juice and oreos because blood sugar was going low.

Back to  cardiology at 4:30, checked in and waited till 5 for the echo tech. Who is a slender, tall-ish dirty blonde woman with a firm handshake and blue eyes. Average face on the beauty scale. She angled the monitor so I could see it, answered my questions, was pleased that I actually recognized Doppler colors and volume measurements. She was beyond competent, good sense of humor and I told her if I was 40 years younger I'd be asking her out. She said maybe more like 35 years. Or less.

While I was waiting, the first blood test result came in, it measures a hormone which should be < 100 for someone my age, and it was 56. It shows if the heart is working too hard. Mine is, but it doesn't look like panic time. Echo tech showed me calcification in a heart vessel, which I'll let cardiologist tell me the ramifications of.

Home, delivered was:
California state flag
Big bag of Purina One hairball formula and enough packing paper to keep Spot amused for months
20 replacement batteries for my car remotes
[probably fake] testosterone enhancement pills

Refilled the almost empty food tower with the Purina. Vacuumed two huge barfs from Spot, who can't handle the very expensive Royal Canin which his shelter had recommended. And a hairball from Spook, whose recovery has included more grooming time.

Filled the dishwasher - couldn't fit everything in.

Watched PTI, and some of the Bachelorette. Two 1-on-1 dates. She falls in love with whomever she is with. I think she is in love with being hugged and kissed. She sure is beautiful, though.

Dinner was pre-cooked bacon (an homage to Barenaked Ladies) and sunny side up over easy eggs. On rye bread. Butter pecan ice cream with butterscotch syrup for dessert.

While Spook was in the kitchen, Spot climbed up onto her favorite perch. Spook mostly pretended to ignore him.

Plans for tomorrow:
Check The Hole for internet, then to Hole 2 with Netflix test backup gear and to log into email.
Condolences to British Boss on England's loss
Call for nails appointment
Manicure (?)

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