Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Is it Friday Yet?

Started the morning playing fetch with Spot. He had knocked all his tiny catnip mice under the small recliner, so I pushed the button to raise the foot rest and he got under there and rescued three of them, and brought one into the bathroom while I was brushing my teeth. He loves to jump into the tub the get it, and dumps it at my feet.

Out by 9, traffic at the onramp was a mess and didn't clear up except for a half a mile by Ellis.

Grabbed two tiny bananas and an egg and a soda from the break room, it was crowded but I was preoccupied and not paying much attention to eye candy.

No wifi in the Hole, so I grabbed my Netflix test box and cable and power supply, and a USB keyboard and brought them to Hole 2. Wifi there was iffy too. It took forever to get the Netflix box online, and then its router wasn't easy to find. Netflix tech support had sent Boss instructions on how to boost the signal, but you needed a signal and Internet to do it. As I was starting to test, tall manager tried to grab my keyboard. I used my THEATER VOICE to tell him hands off. What a jerk. Boss came running to see what made quiet Howard not quiet. I told her that I have run out of Diplomacy. It has been a crappy week, and was continuing that way, shoved into a little corner with NP, trying to run tests which need to be run in a lab not an open office. The whole floor is people running tests which should be done behind doors with acoustic paneling. Google planners are Idiots.

Finally did manage to boost the signal, and the network was up just barely enough so NP was able to learn how to run the tests and file a bug against one. But we never got my Netflix box online, so Boss had me take it home to plug it into my network. And when I did I saw that NP had plugged the WAN cable into a LAN port, no wonder it didn't connect.

Called for a nail appointment and got it.

Replied to all email from manufacturers to talk to my boss, not me.

Closed a couple of bugs which yesterday's build fixed. Got another build today, but it broke the wifi connectivity so I had to re-install yesterday's. That's 4 builds in 2 days.  OK for engineering testing. Not acceptable for certification testing. Which is me.

Lunch was sweet & sour chicken steamer and mixed fruit - mostly pineapple.

After work got my nails done in silver. The sparkling gold was too over the top. Lisa I just learned is my manicurist's name, she wanted to schedule my next appointment, but I don't know for sure until the week before.

Instead of going next door to Safeway I drove to the one near Rengsdorff Starbucks, because they are newer and have better cut fruit baskets.  Only went the wrong direction for 2 or 3 miles. Got mango, mango & strawberry, some bananas, peaches, nectarines and grapes. Milk, and four steaks packed 2 per slab, $4/lb. And oreos (thin mint) which were a 2-fer, and chocolate pudding because the stuff they have in the break room is bland.

Home, had to keep a hand on Spot to prevent his dash out the door. Took 2 trips, what with two grocery bags, the backpack with my work laptop and the Netflix box, and my lunch cooler.

Online, took a while to get around to dinner. Sliced up an onion, tossed that in some olive oil on the grill pan, dumped on some mushrooms, then one of the steaks. It came out well, I didn't need A1 till the last few bites.

Watched the rest of The Bachelorette, she sent home the stunt man right away, which I think was a mistake, then the remaining black guy, who shouldn't have lasted this long, and chose to give the last rose to the a-hole investment banker from Buffalo.

Next week is family visits. Going to be a downer after Nassau.

Watched some of 90-day Fiancé, this one was a disaster. All 2 hours of it, but I FFed most of the last half because it was obviously all going to hell.

Hooked up the Netflix box, logged into it with my work laptop, set the signal to its top power and designated a channel instead of Auto.

Rewarded myself with an egg cream.

Plans for tomorrow:
Start work in Hole 2. Try plugging my Netflix box in the right way.
May need to go to The Hole if it looks like someone paid the bill.
Massage after work, my usual person ought to be working


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