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Mister Eclectic

Not as bad as it could have been

Trestadicker day. Up early, but since I spent time last night at home doing work stuff, I left an hour late. Missed a call from AG at about 8:30. Was just in time for accidents on 101 to back up the on ramp several blocks, so I made a U-turn and started for the IFH, but got blocked out of the right turn I needed to make and ended up taking a tour of parts of Sunnyvale I had never seen before. So many Apple buildings!

Never did get on 101, took Middlefield instead, and Shoreline, which worked well because there is now a turn-onto-Plymouth lane which is the street Hole 2 is at the end of. Did not bother to go to The Hole since no progress had been made on paying for the internet line.

And as usual, delivery guy shows up there when nobody is home, no warning. We don't need those 2 TVs anyway, not till there is Internet again.

Upstairs in Hole 2, NP was there just long enough to say she had told me she was taking most of today off (she had not, but who cares?).  Missed breakfast, was able to run one test before the network started to flake. Taiwan engineer wanted to look, He suggested 1:30, so I had lunch first (beef and broccoli, mixed fruit - the mango pieces were far from ripe).

Brought him upstairs, and of course the wifi had mostly stabilized just in time. He saw minor fluctuations but blamed the environment. I had to agree. He did some in-depth checking but didn't find anything to fix. I gathered my laptops and Netflix box and walked him out. Drove to the Hole because aircon was not working in Hole 2 2nd floor cubby hole. Tried to update one of the TVs there, but something is wrong with its back panel, so no workie.

Plugged the antenna back into my Samsung and watched Bad TV, walked to the break room and grabbed a soda and a nectarine (it lived up to its name, I went through a handful of paper towels). Cardiologist called, she thinks yesterday's dizzy spells may be dehydration from the increased diuretic dose, and wants me to do another blood test next week. Good news is the echo cardiogram showed normal blood throughput, not the dire restricted flow previously theorized. She mentioned the calcification, but said it's not needing anything done to it any time soon. And she will check with the pacemaker techs to see why there has never been a second appointment. And why there have been no downloads since March.

And she agrees the echo tech is a gem.

Called Baltimore sister, filled her in on the cardio stuff. She and hubby are making a tour of minor league baseball stadiums. I think he has been to all the major league ones.

Talked till 6:30, so I headed for massage place. My usual person had desk duty tonight, it was very busy, there was about a half hour wait. The person who took me on gave me the second best massage ever. Similar technique, but not quite as adept. Close, though.

Heading home it occurred to me I have not eaten out in months, so I stopped off in Denny's for a slam with pancakes, eggs, sausage & bacon. Yummy. Service was okay at first, then the place filled up and I had to get my check at the register, after a couple was rung up.

Home, watered some of the plants. Neighbor turned off the spigot, which caught me by surprise. The hose doesn't leak, no reason to do that.

Set up the personal laptop and ran windows updates, there were several. And now it is charging because it loses charge when it isn't plugged in.

Facebooked with a couple of scoops of coffee ice cream. Am learning to hit "hide notifications" when someone comments on my comment. I stand by what I said, there's not need to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person - especially on someone else's pages.

I belong to  Peace Corps singles FB group, and the moderator set up a poll asking us to click on which country we served in. 18 comments in there were no repeats. Kind of astounding.

No TV tonight. Tomorrow I plan to watch Channel 4 news. They are local, they lost their network franchise a few years ago. So they went all-news, then when that didn't work they added major globs of crap shows and infomercials.

Speaking of news, I am amused by today's indictments. There is nothing illegal about Russians trying to influence American elections. Or Americans trying to influence American elections. All the heads of state of Europe expressed opinions during the campaign, it made no difference. The FBI needs to get a life. So does Congress.

Delivered was the latest clock/weather station. Smaller than it looked in the ads, but more readable than the big one, with actual barometric pressure reading, indoor & outdoor temps & humidity and the time is writ large enough across the top. Powered by USB so it doesn't take up an AC outlet space on my USB enabled power strip.

Too many of my friends are saying our government has turned fascist and are playing the Hitler card. I grew up around people with concentration camp numbers tattooed on their arms, and what they described is worlds apart from what is going on in America today. There is no comparison between loading your established citizens into freight trains, depositing them at camps to be stripped of everything and mass murdered; and arresting 20,000 people who en mass try to enter your country without a visa. No comparison.

Plans for tomorrow:
Change both litterboxes
3 pm screenplay reader meetup - they have an actual script to read this time
Catch up on Tivo news

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