Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Putting the Sat in Saturday

Despite yelling from Spot, I slept till 9, read till 11 and was dressed by the crack of noon.

Started with a snack - a peach. Needed more so spread the last of the 2nd to last container of chopped liver & carbonized onions on rye bread and poured a soda for the rest. Finished the 1/4 slice of black forest cake.

2 pm drove to the Rose Garden library branch in SJ, should have waited half an hour.  Made good use of the restrooms twice.

3 pm script reading meetup got underway a bit late because the authors were a bit late. I got to read a small part in the first piece, happily it was only in the first few pages, very short lines. The work was the beginning of a feature film which takes Greek mythology and places the gods in modern times, sort of. All the myths are intact, only the dialogue and costumes are updated. Hades has an office. And a helmet of invisibility. There's a new character called Shadow who may or may not be another god with an invisibility talent. Or he may be the shadow of any god whom the author wishes to have on hand at the moment.

The second work wasn't a work really, it was a summary of a proposed TV sitcom series meant to be sent to a contest. The setup is in expensive Silicon Valley's eastern suburbs, a man with a menial job and two daughters whose breadwinner wife died of cancer rents half his house, or maybe sells half his house to a Christian family from India. She (the author) gives the husband the name of David and his wife is Emma. Author obviously doesn't know anyone from India. And when several of the white guys mentioned that those were not likely names for people from India, she didn't ask the two guys from India at the table. One of them finally chimed in that even Indians born in America usually have Indian names. The Chinese guy at the table who grew up in that suburb said she would do better making it a Chinese family, because there actually are Chinese people there, and they give their kids American names to go by outside the home.

She wasn't interested in my comment that the current US Rep from that district is from India, he goes by Rohit (nickname is Ro). It would have been off topic for me to mention that the previous Rep is Japanese-American, named Mike.

There was nothing to read, and I stopped listening to the discussion when it was clear she needed far more clues than she was willing to receive.

Home, probably should have stopped somewhere because it's a neighborhood I'm never in. Too late for the Rosicrucian museum across the street. Maybe next week I'll go there instead of the meetup.

Changed both of the litterbox cartridges, put a load of laundry into the dryer for when it isn't hot outside, and another one into the washer.

Refilled all the hummingbird feeders, colored the mixture with blue & green. Similar to the Russian sage which they love so much.

Put the California state flag on its pole into the pole holder out front.

Dinner was two slices of reheated pizza. Coffee ice cream. And grapes.

Watched PTI. Two episodes recorded but one was Wimbledon instead. Also watched Below Deck, in which all three male staffers want to hook up with the four women staffers. Studly white hunk from Zimbabwe put the moves on a blonde and a brunette. Both are airheads, the blonde much moreso.

Still have Match Game and To Tell The Truth to watch, and tomorrow am recording the final soccer match. Channel 4 news time was an infomercial.

Spent an hour hanging up 2 weeks' of t-shirts, made the bed first. Spook came into the bedroom briefly, but ran back under the livingroom table when she saw Spot. But this is the first time since Spot arrived that she came into the bedroom. 

Plans for tomorrow:
Put away 2 loads of laundry
Spray some lube on the piece which allows the flag to rotate freely in the wind
5 pm coffee with Janice in MV
FF through the soccer match
Catch up on game shows

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