Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not as lazy as I could have been Sunday

Took two loads of clothes out of the dryer, hung up about a dozen and a half t-shirts, several dress shirts, folded and put away one pair of jeans cutoffs and about 7 pairs of underpants, and rolled up and put away ~15 pairs of socks. Ran a dishwasher load and put away all the things. One more small laundry load, still need to hang up 4 t-shirts from that.

Breakfast was a banana and a Kind bar, lunch was a grilled cheese sandwich. Fast forwarded through the FIFA final, since FB had spoilered it. I hate to say it, but the Frogs scored the only legit goal (as in not a corner kick or penalty kick) and one of Croatia's was basically an own goal because France's goalie had checked his brain at the door. The entire French team had checked their sportsmanship at the door, so much taunting and play-acting. Once the final buzzer sounded they found it again, the after-game hugs and back patting looked sincere. Basically, I watched the score, and after each score I rewound to the place where the goal was made, and where appropriate back more to the (usually bogus) penalty which prompted the kick.

While I was hanging up t-shirts, Spook came in to help, but ran away when she saw Spot was already on top of that. She hid under the livingroom table and defended her position. During the day she was out and about more, in the kitchen window, at the food tower and out of her cubby hole.

Had some intestinal issues which I threw lactaid and immodium at. Relaxed on the porch with a glass of ginger ale with real ginger chips, and watched zero hummingbirds decide to drink from the newly filled feeders.

Took photos of the garden flowers. HUGE Mason bee was enjoying the sage bushes.

Tummy cleared up in time to meet Janice @ 5 at Stabucks REI as we call it. She's usually late, but was 15 minutes early, compensating for her arm in a sling. She had as hectic a week as me, what with physical therapy appointment foo and helping a friend's child into a behavioral "studies" home. And with a shattered left arm, she isn't able to play pickleball. I suggested badminton, but she is having none of this Change thing. Better to do without. Oh, and Vonage voicemail won't play on her Panasonic handset.

Of course I filled her in on my cardio adventures.

Home, watched Match Game and To Tell The Truth while shoving beef stew & rice into my face. Mint chocolate chip ice cream with hot fudge sauce. 

Took out all the garbages. Sprayed the flagpole's anti-snag rings with silicone lube.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work. Start at the Hole after grabbing breakfast and wait for the TVs to be delivered.
The rest of the day depends on Internet connectivity

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