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Look at the moon, look at the moon, look at the moon! - Hair

After I journaled last night, a theater friend who happens to be a PhD astronomer at Lick Observatory posted her excellent photo of the moon-Venus convergence, which prompted me to grab my best Nikon lens, go out on my porch and look for it. And see where I found it! Hand held 300mm zoom, I was surprised how short the shutter speed was at ISO 1600, I figured I could do better, when I noticed I was set for manual, the same shutter/lens opening as the last studio shoot. Shot several more at different settings, but none were better. Went inside to snag a tripod, but by the time I set it up the moon had gone behind the building.
Monday was a total loss. AG called as I was taking the garbage bins in - the collectors were way early - and wrapped up at 9 in the Hole's parking lot. Grabbed breakfast and took it back to the Hole, after eating I took my laptop back to the break room and checked email - there wasn't any. No word on internet. Boo hiss. Boss is not in. NP was, but I was waiting for the TVs to b delivered.

Went to lunch early, a mistake because there was a huge flood of newbies being made into orientals in the two conference rooms and they were using the barista machine and hanging around.

Had the laptop, and email came in from Netflix that most of their tests were off-line and another from shipping that they didn't have the TV delivery scheduled until tomorrow.

No use going to Hole 2, so I watched Bad TV in The Hole on the non-Android Samsung. Three of the guys from next door came by one at a time expecting internet to be back up. I think they misunderstood their liaison manager who told them he had paid the bill last time as saying he would pay it again Thursday. I'm sure he didn't say that.

I think it's time to consider other contract jobs. I had been holding out for FTE until this contract ends, but there has been too much sitting around doing nothing. Not that there is any manual QA work out there.

Lunch was beef and grains. And strawberries. And OJ.

Watching the cats on webcams, Spook was in the kitchen while Spot was in the bedroom. Progress.

Home, traffic was strange - the usually open lanes were not.

Spent some time online looking for Amazon Prime Day bargains, but nothing was on sale that I wanted. And the site was somewhat hosed.

Spook has spent the evening under the coffee table. I am not pleased.

What else? Had some low BP and Hgl readings at work.

Worldcon programming sent me email suggesting I will moderate the Xenomusicology panel, and it has me listed for two filk sessions, but doesn't say what they expect me to do at them. And I need to start deciding which photos to put into the art show.

Mixed up a batch of sourdough pancakes for dinner using a different recipe, and they turned out much better. I only used half, need to thin out the batter for the next time. They went well with strawberry jam.

PTI was from whatever field the Nats play at, because all-star game & home run derby.

Channel 4 news was all men, which sports guy made a big deal out of. I thought sports guy retired after last weekend. I guess not.

Plans for tomorrow:
Wait in the Hole until they deliver the TVs
Kaiser, bleed for them
More work
Who knows?

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