Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Calming Down A Little

But not a lot.

Out early, getting to work early was a mistake - the break room was wall to wall to wall to wall newbies having breakfast and conferencing. Well, maybe brainstorming. No room for me to bring the laptop so I opened up the Hole and tethered to my phone just enough to see there was a note from Tokyo, an engineer confirmed my diagnosis that the TV wifi was iffy, and sent a new build to help with that.

Young person from shipping who doesn't understand what delivery means came to see how he was going to deliver a pair of TVs in individual crates, just like the three he tried not to deliver last time.He couldn't figure out how to open the door from the inside, and I blew my top at him.

All for naught, because Boss had the shipment sent to Hole 2, and had NP set up using ethernet instead of wi-fi. And somehow the connection to the servers worked.

So I ducked out to Kaiser for the blood tests, then went straight to Hole 2 upstairs, downloaded the new build and was about the install it when NP came up and said she had one of the new TVs downstairs in the break room, so I went there, re-downloaded, put it on a both my and her USB drives, then after her USB drive failed, we used mine, which worked. But since we're not using wifi it didn't matter.

We walked through some tests, and most of them  worked. She left for her Dr appt, so I ran some of the video tests on my laptop while I charged the test one.

Lunch at 1, chicken biryani with an egg, and M&Ms. Maybe a peach too. I forget.

Meanwhile, manager who had paid the internet bill last time paid it again, so at 4:30 I went to the Hole, and sure enough we had a connection. But my linux server had been offline so long I could not log into it. Tech Sports tried to help, but ended up filing a ticket, to be handled tomorrow morning. He had me try all the things, but it needs to be done from some central server farm.

We also had no aircon, so I filed a ticket.

Home, sent Cardiologist email updating my latest low BP numbers and dizzy spells.

The test numbers came in, all higher than last week which is Bad™. No A1C though for diabetes doc. That one usually takes longer.

Nothing delivered. Nothing on Prime Daze I wanted to buy. Thought about Instant pot but (a) they were all gone (b) the sale one is too small and (c) I don't need one.

FB, posted for a theater friend who asked all her friends what good things the Prez has done. I think his meeting Putin was a good thing. Reagan met Brezhnev, and was applauded as "detente". Carrot top does the same thing and everyone shouts "treason". It is not treason to talk to your counterparts in other countries. Last time I looked, Congress has not declared war on Russia. And they are our ride to and partners in the space station. His meeting with Kim was epic, and started South Korea talking about peace. I agree with his basic distaste for illegal immigration, but pretty much nothing else on that topic. I love his choice for NASA administrator, but none of his other selections.

Enuf politics

Watched PTI, which had the commish of baseball as a guest. Watched The Bachelorette's first three home visits. The dork and the heartless banker, and the Colorado high school jock. I forget what he does for a living. We found out tonight he survived a school shooting where a classmate died. And he had been married and divorced, which she did not know, I think. Because during the dork segment she said he was the only one of the bunch who had been married.

Dinner was teriyaki beef steamer, which would have been lunch had the plastic not come loose. There would have been rice all over my cooler. Chocolate mint ice cream for dessert, and a nectarine and some PNB and some cole slaw. Not much, just had the munchies for no reason. Hgl 150.

Plans for tomorrow:
Breakfast in the Hole
Hopefully work with support to get the linux box back online
Whatever else comes up. Probably take a TV to the Hole and run the audio tests
There's something after work at the CHM, but it's mostly unconfirmed math theories.

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