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Up & out late, traffic was a mess again, had to make a U-turn before the on-ramp and take back roads. Which were also pretty backed up. Got to work finally half an hour late, a lot of that was the off-ramp orgy.

Aircon was struggling. I have a fan on my desk which helps. Managed to figure out how to get my linux server back online, no help at all from Tech Sports. I plugged a USB ethernet dongle into the box and connected to the router that way, and that allowed me to log in, then some error messages clued me in that any machine off the net for 15 days is considered a security risk because no security updates (which is Just Plain Silly because no network is the best security there is). It took two tries to run the updates, then I was still not online with the internal network card until I remembered there was an off-corp setting I needed to click.

So I fixed it myself.

The next thing I did myself was go to Hole 2, un-crate one of the new test TVs, but still in the box-within-a-box pushed it out the doors and down the path to my car. It was about an inch too wide for the back seat, but fit into the hatchback once I pushed down the back seats to reveal a cargo section, removed the hatch shade which hides what's in the hatchback from prying eyes, and then it was easy to tilt the box in. Plenty of room, and I could still mostly see out the back window.

At the Hole, I propped open the doors and called for the engineers next door, two of them came out and carried the box into my lab. One nice thing about being Old™ is traditional Chinese young men treat me with way more deference than I deserve. 

It was lunch time, I went to the break room across the street and grabbed a drink and some seaweed, but there was no place to sit, all these kids from the IT Newbies conference were hogging the place. They should have been in their meeting rooms.

So back to my lab, put together a PNB&J on wheat  from parts, had a Jello sugar-free pudding for dessert.

Just enough time to run a couple of audio tests, which failed, then back to Hole 2 where Boss, NP and one of the next door engineers crammed into a phone room to video conference with our guy in Asia. He cheated and put up his photo. The meeting was enlightening. Turns out the build 23 he sent today was not the build 23 he sent yesterday. It was bad enough not knowing what build he was sending when they did update the number, now we can only see the symptoms. Boss finally chimed in and told him we can't go on like this, we need a stable build. Time to abandon the unreasonable deadlines and focus on quality.

Chinese engineer joined NP and me downstairs and we showed him two show-stopper bugs, which he reproduced. We also confirmed my theory that a factory reset does not revert to a previous build. It wipes out all updates to applications, though. One way we know day-old 23 from today's 23 is the Netflix logo is wrong on today's 23.

Back to the Hole, aircon was dead, but my fan made it better than Thailand. I made some changes to audio and receiver settings and confirmed all digital audio on the TV is borked. But won't file bugs till we get a stable build.

Stayed past 6, because there was stuff to do and with the Internet back I was able to watch a storm chaser in Nebraska follow what almost was a tornado. The stuff to do was confirm that current YouTube plays 4K fine but beta does not.

Tummy issues all afternoon, and with all the frustration and running around I decided I would not be a good person to go to the writers' critique meeting. Or the CHM panel.

Home, traffic was better because it was later.

Took a lie-down for half an hour, then put on my robe and made another batch of sourdough pancakes. Added some milk and a cup of frozen blueberries. Too much milk, things got sloppy but they tasted great. Coffee ice cream neat for dessert.

Watched the news, first time in 4 days. But only half way because it was still recording and there was a lot of fires and weather to FF past. Watched the Bachelorette last half, and will not watch any more because one of her "friends" sabotaged the show by saying she still had feelings for the guy she (Bachelorette) was about to pick. My favorite. Pissed me off that she sent home the best of the 4, and now it looks like she will go with the banker. I can't see her being happy in Buffalo, frozen armpit of New York. There is no way "friend" will go back to my pick, she was just being a female canine.

Neighbor Lee came over with a bag of apples from her tree, and the timing was funny. My door bell rang as they were ringing the door bell on the Bachelorette. I had to pause Tivo to be sure. Spot came over to stare, and when Lee called him over to her he came, licked her fingers and then he dashed outside. She tried to chase him - I didn't because I was naked under my robe. I told her not to worry, he comes back by himself. Which he did 20 minutes later. He really wanted to hang out on the porch but I lured him in with treats.

Shut him in the bedroom when he started taunting Spook who was now under the table. She had been on her perch.

Too much excitement.

A1C results came in, almost a point lower than last time, but still way too high.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe make a Costco or Piazza's run for fruit

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