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I don't know how this happened but despite being up and dressed early, I was half an hour late for work. Not that it matters, nobody else is there that early.

Brought most of my breakfast, just needed an egg and something to drink. Zico water and a diet Coke. The masses of newbies were mostly absent, probably in the conference rooms by then.

It was cool in the morning, so didn't notice aircon was down till later in the day.

Spent a lot of the morning reading frustrating email about the snafu of a TV. Then next door engineer wanted me to run a test on a machine in his lab which had to be run wired to a box in my lab. It took him a while to not get it, so I brought him into my lab and we ran it a few times on the same TV model in my lab. The best thing he got out of the test is how whacked the TV firmware is. He is more open to seeing that because he works for the company which crushed and bought the one which makes this TV. His company is famous for never finishing a product on time, but when they do finish it generally works.

Lunch time, almost had the place to myself. Made a sandwich with rye bread and a bunch of turkey & maple syrup sausages. Only finished half, the sausages were horrible. Scarfed down 1/4 of a cantaloupe for dessert. It was sliced into 4 slivers.
Back to the lab, Hgl was low but i had some caramel corn from the break room. And apple slices from neighbor's apples.

Boss had a hangouts meeting with Our Man in Asia and NP, which I was not going to go to, but joined anyway, headphones on but no camera or mic. Used the keyboard to make comments only when called for. OMIA is severely clue-deprived. NP and I had to tell him 2 or 3 times that we both independently failed to update two different machines half a mile apart before it started to sink in, and then he made excuses.

After that it was time to go there in person for sync, glad I did because it resulted in filing a bug.

Back to the Hole, taking a TV with me.  Facilities claimed aircon was working at 50%, but I'd say more like 25%. I opened a window and turned the fan to high.

Just as I was ready to leave, Cardiologist called and we chatted for half an hour. She changed three of my meds to lower dosages, and asked me to run my work and home BP meters together to see if they were reporting the same numbers. And she wants me to take BP measurements regularly instead of when I feel like it. And calibrate the meters at the clinic.

Then I got email from nextdoor lead engineer who was at home, saying in the reason the updates didn't work is the build numbers are the same in the last 3, so try putting on an older one. Which I did, and it was updating as I left, about 6:30.

Traffic was a huge mess, thanks to the concert at the amphitheater. Some millennial music, a veritable convoy of jailbait in short shorts walking to the venue. Concerts all week except Sunday.

It was late enough to go to Lucky's instead of straight home. Bought everything.

Home, across the street neighbor asked about the flags, he wondered if the last one had been Afghanistan. Nope, US Coast Survey. I told him it was all torn up on the back, but he said it was pretty. I need to take the Cal flag down and figure out why it keeps wrapping around the pole. It has a swivel to prevent that, but it isn't working. Didn't work with the other flags either. I may need to nip over to Lowe's and buy another swivel.

Spot escaped again, but he ran back inside after I chased him a bit. I should try to put a harness on him and take him out on the porch. Maybe Saturday.

Low Hgl - 78 - so I medicated with mint chocolate chip ice cream and hot fudge.

Spook continues to make rude noises when he's near. He's been trying to get closer without fighting, but her rude noises provoke him.

Dinner was shrimp & spinach egg rolls from Lucky's, which were barely edible, and a few breaded fish fillets, with melted cheese, which were excellent. Cantaloupe for dessert. Orange chocolate Milanos for a chaser.

Watched PTI and the news. Channel 4's anchors are spokesmodels, very pretty but not too professional. Also watched Below Deck, which has become too much of a soap opera. And now the chief stewardess is having physical anxiety attacks because she is falling in love with one of the crew and has Issues around Commitment.

Plans for tomorrow:
Lots of updatery to pursue
Apparently it will be Friday, I may go to Drinks & Demos because the demo looks interesting but maybe not because the drinks and snacks do not.
Maybe avoid traffic by going to a movie.

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