Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Would you like Fridays with that?

Up early, out on time, traffic was light, early at work. Had most of my breakfast with me, grabbed a soda, a Zero water and an egg and went to The Hole. Cool morning, aircon was not needed till later.

One of the TVs I updated was dead - frozen at the mfg logo. I thought it was temporary and another update would fix it, but NP picked it up and brought it to Hole 2 to test, and it updated and froze again.

She brought it back for me to have the engineers look at Monday, and grabbed one of my working ones.

I was able to run automation tests on the one I had left. Mostly watched YouTube on the non-test TV. Sang along with the karaoke version of I See The Light from Tangled. Tried to sing along with the karaoke version of Make You Feel My Love me, for no apparent reason. Maybe they make me regret not having a love life. Or a life.

Or maybe there are some tunes which rip my heart out.

The build we were expecting never happened, but we shouldn't have been expecting it, as it's the weekend in Tokyo where it is built.

Three out of seven TVs are dead, make that 3 out of 5 because two are still in their crates and probably will never be opened. The first 4 delivered had prototype screens, you see.

Lunch was chicken pesto steamer, the first FAIL from Healthy Choice. Whose idea was the Brussels sprouts? Yuk. A fate worse than broccoli. Cantaloupe for dessert, chocolate pudding chaser.

Back to the Hole, had to turn on the fan and open a window, but it was bearable.

3-ish drove to Hole 2 for every other week drinks & demos. The demo was YouTube TV, and it was sad to watch them re-inventing a wheel which Netflix nailed down in 2010. Only Google's wheel is broken, because none of the various departments serving audio and video know about standards. I also think they made some wrong choices about the user interface because they don't have a user group to gather data from.

That was done by a little after 4. The food was Indian, sort of. Overcooked falafel, hummus, chicken bits from skewers, and the usual Indian pastes and condiments. I tried one falafel and a couple of chicken bits, then grabbed a soda and drove home. Made up for staying late yesterday. Better traffic situation too.

Home, nothing delivered. This weekend some of my Amazon subscriptions are due.

Spent some time in bed reading, then slaved over a hot stove to make the last two sourdough blueberry pancakes - this time omelet sized. They came out great. Dessert was chocolate mint ice cream & hot fudge drizzle.

One of my FB friends posted a picture of the moon & jupiter so I went outside and took a series at all possible ISO settings, but the moon was too bright, none of them came out well enough to post.

Watched PTI, with two substitute hosts, my least favorite ones. Painful to watch. Nuked my One Pass for Bachelorette and the channel 4 news. I'll get my news online instead. CBC is my go-to, UPI a close second.

Set up my spare webcam, hoping to point it through the window at the front door landing, but the screen and glass made it show reflections instead of outside.  I need to call an electrician to install power plugs at the porch lights.

Spot has been fighting with Spook all evening.

I ran the Roomba, and Spot jumped up on tables to avoid it.

Swiffered most of the kitchen. It needs more.

Plans for tomorrow:
I should probably take my camera somewhere. Coyote Lake?

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