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Not the exciting photo day I had wished for - too hot to go anywhere to shoot. Or maybe I just got distracted. Stayed in bed till 10, Spot kept me company from about 6 am. Spook came into or near the bedroom I think, judging from the noises.

Ironed all the Hawaiian shirts.

Had a banana and a Kind bar  for a late breakfast. Three eggs over easy on rye & American cheese for lunch.

Went to Lowe's, they did not have the flag pole swivels, but they did have an okay price on a 4-pack of facial tissue cubes. And I also picked up a pair of English Thyme plants.

Home, saw water pooling on the driveway. Two small holes in the new stretchy garden hose - not repairable, so it went into the trash. Grabbed the old 75-foot hose which had been out on the retaining wall on the other side of the house, unused for a couple of years. When I first moved in I ran that on a T from the carport rear faucet, but after some months it was clear there was no use for it back there, so I took it off the hanger and threw it onto the wood chips. Hooked it up and did some watering, and it looked okay.

Online, ordered a pair of flag pole swivels, and a bigger pack of facial tissues. And entered most of my subscriptions into Quicken.

Delivered were two packs of Kind bars, when I opened the screen door to get the box, Spot dashed out. I chased him and carried him back inside. He is heavy.

Next door #6 neighbor pounded on my carport door when I was online, I thought he might be apologizing for breaking the hose this morning, so didn't answer.

Outside to plant the thyme, and saw more water on the driveway. Turns out neighbor was knocking on the door to let me know the replacement hose was leaking and he shut off the faucet.

I gathered it up and took some time mostly untangling it so I  could throw it in the garbage. It did not really fit.  Time to drive to Home Deport. They didn't have flag pole swivels either. They did have flag pole sets which had them on. Bought another expandable hose, and a plastic bucket to park it in. This one is supposed to be coated to resist abrasions. We'll see. Also got a squeegee to replace the old hardened one in the car.

Grocery Outlet ISO strawberries. Also had a good deal on blueberries and fruit popsicles, and corn dogs.

Home,  put the strawberries in water with some vinegar (it keeps them from going moldy in the fridge). Watched some bad TiVo. Poured out the vinegar water and put the strawberries back in the container.  Heated up some lobster bisque and a pair of matzo balls for dinner. No dessert.

Took a pair of scissors outside, sat on the carport stoop and cut the long hose into smaller bits, between a foot and 3 feet long, and shoved the bits into a garbage bag, and dropped the garbage bag into the garbage bin. Much easier for the collection. Hooked up the latest hose and tried it with the previous one's spray attachment, and it worked. Turned off the faucet and drained most of the water into the side garden so the hose would fit into the tub. The instructions for all the hoses now say not to keep them under pressure, and I figured a plastic tub is less likely to create breaks than the carport concrete.

Out front, watered all the potted plants on the porch and the roses, as well as the front garden. Back inside, loaded the dishwasher.

Time to relax, went out onto the porch, sat in the rocker and saw Venus out there brighter than last night, but no moon yet or Jupiter. And then Spot was in front of me. It took some maneuvering to grab him and put him on my lap, then take him inside. He had found the rip at the bottom of the screen door from when my UK cousin had run into the door while it was closed. I probably should get all three screens replaced.

Lobster bisque wasn't enough, so I made a caramelized onions on rye sandwich with cole slaw with a glass of milk. Now I feel fed.

Probably will make a snack of blueberries & walnuts.

Plans for tomorrow:
Bayshore park?
Read some more Hugo nominees. I'm almost done, one bunch were all from a fantasy periodical so I didn't bother.
Coffee w/Janice
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