Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Day of FAIL 2

No hoses broke, but there were two more FAILs today.

But first, the morning was okay, woke up at 7, back to sleep till the alarm at 9. With Spot interruptions in between.

Caught up on FB. PC auto Backups were small and competed by 7 am.

11 or so, to Petco, bought two "large" cat harnesses. On the way back, stopped at the seafood market (aka Asian market) across the street which is the first time in months I was there while it was open and I didn't have frozen food needing to be taken home. I bought some chicken thighs+drumsticks at 49 cents a pound, mostly for the skin. Also spent $20 on longans - two big bags - labeled fresh from Florida. I had my doubts but bought two bags anyway.

Home, Spot was almost cooperative trying on the harnesses. The first one I got the one part over his head, but he kept trying to eat the side buckles. Rolling him over, it was clear that the manufacturer's definition of "large" did not apply to my cats. The second harness wouldn't fit over his head, it was even smaller than the first.

Went online and ordered a small dog harness.

Delivered was a box with cat treats, Kleenex and an audio splitter cable for my work headphones.

Also delivered were three litter cartridges. No room in the garbage for the one which might need changing, so that will happen after the collection tomorrow.

Janice called for help, so instead of Starbucks I drove to her place and got her TV set on the HDMI port so she could watch DVDs and access Netflix on her DVD player. Nothing huge, just she probably forgot to keep the remote pointed at the equipment as it switched from TV to DVD. The she drove us to Starbucks and we had our usual chat.

Home, took out all the garbages, including the yard cuttings. I forgot I had cut back the sage a few weeks ago.

Dinner was a piece of fried chicken and veggies and some store-bought French fried onions. Finished two ice creams for dessert. I was going to have longans, but after opening a few it was clear I had wasted $20 on previously frozen, currently rotten fruit. I may try Ranch 99 tomorrow. But I don't think longans are in season, and I have a lot of fruit on hand.

Nothing on Tivo, watered all the indoor plants. Channel surfed to Ancient Astronauts and saw the name of one of my long time friends under the image of one of the authors they had snippets from. It is not a common name. I shared the clip on FB for him, it caused great amusement.

Wanted very much to get a massage, but once a month is more what my budget says.

BP has been up & down. Hgl and weight have been up.

Email confirmed I will be moderating the Xenomusicology panel at Worldcon. Currently the legendary Frank Hayes is on the panel. I'm not listed in the program for anything else. I should be, because my work will also be in the art show.

Plans for tomorrow:

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