Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Bad ending to a so-so day

Out early, AG called later - I was already at work for half an hour. He was not feeling well, and was taking light rail the last half of his commute. Light rail here travels at about 20 mph on average, and he had to wait 15 minutes to transfer from the express to the local.

I upgraded my test TV to the latest build, since there was nothing new from Tokyo. Not pleased, there are audio tests I can't do until they fix ARC. That's a neat trick which uses the HDMI input as an output. It takes high quality audio and control signals from the TV's input to a home theater receiver's input. I prefer optical out, but ARC can turn the TV on when the receiver is turned on, and the TV volume control works the home theater volume.

Ran the Netflix automation suite.

Cardiology called with an appointment on the 30th for a pacemaker check.

FB reminded me that people I love to hear perform are doing something Thursday evening at the MV arts center, I went online and saw that they charge $5 for a $30 ticket. Thursdays I should be able to just show up at the box office half an hour early and dodge the service charge.

The two visiting engineers who are very shy because their English is awful (it isn't, they just are not confident in it). They work with a Japanese company but they are Chinese. Taiwanese. They took my two broken TVs and fixed them, and I sent them to Hole 2 to grab the broken one there and bring it back to fix it. I could not get them to understand that I wanted to know how they fixed those dead TVs.

CBC did a very thorough job of covering the mass shooting. Perp was an Arab. His folks knew he was crazy. Why am I not surprised?

Lunch was quiet, curried fish & strawberries. Took a plucot back to the hole for a snack, but it wasn't ripe. Had mango chunks and a peach in my cooler, though.

Home, I almost went to the movies. Should have. At the IFH a jerk in a BMW blocked the intersection and as I went around him the car went up on the median and came down hard twice, blowing out my front driver's side tire. It was good enough to drive home. Ford roadside assistance sent someone without a tire (the C-max energi doesn't have a spare) and it was too late to get towed anywhere. Follow-up was lame, so tomorrow I'll call a tow truck to take it to America's Tire and get a new tire. Maybe a pair. I did not need this expense, but nobody will miss me at work.

BP and pulse have been up. No surprise there.

Delivered in a huge box was a smaller box of facial tissue boxes. I suppose I should put them away.

Done. I now have 16 + 4 + 4 + 1 of the cubes.

Also delivered were the fancy aluminum flag pole swivels. Instead of clips they have carabiners to connect to the grommets on the flag. I set up the CA flag and will put it out Real Soon Now.

Spot has been bothering Spook all evening. Spook waffles between hiding under things and coming out.

Pulled the skin off 4 thigh/drumstick combos and put the skin in a bag in the fridge freezer. I now have enough to make more greevin. Maybe this weekend.

Baked one of the thighs with some tater tots for dinner. Butter pecan ice cream with butterscotch sauce. Froze the other 3 thighs.

Watched PTI, nice to have the regular hosts back. Also watched To Tell The Truth. At work I have been watching the original, and the original Match Game, and the original What's My Line. There is a lot of smoking - cigarettes and cigars - on those old shows. The rules for Match Game have changed - the winner of one match goes on to compete in the next one. No longer.

There is some Penn & Teller left to watch.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call for a tow truck
Take the car to America's Tire in MV
Get a new tire. Maybe a pair. Maybe buy a spare tire & rim? Nah. I'm trading the car in soon.

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