Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

On Hold

Plan A was to call a tow truck on my own dime to take me to a tire place of my own choice. But I decided to give Ford Roadside Assistance a second chance. When they said they would only pay the tow to the nearest Ford dealership, I made the mistake of saying yes to that.

It cost me half a day.

Tow truck arrived on time and took me straight to the local dealer, and they had the right tire in stock at the same price as the place I wanted to go to. But instead of taking care of the simple job quickly, they parked the car in the back lot, and did not get to it until after 1 pm. According to my dash cam, it was only on the rack for 6 minutes.

They have a pleasant waiting area, but I only had my phone with me for amusement. Had I known how slow they would be I'd have brought my laptop and tablet. Or gone out for lunch.

There was some serious eye candy, though. But not enough to make up for the wait. And I had to tell them that my car was done and waiting outside for me - it took 15 minutes after that to chase down the rep and my paperwork.

The only good news is they didn't try to up-sell me to buy a pair of tires.

Got to work before 2, there was plenty of email, most of it useless. Aircon was still down, but it didn't get too hot outside, and there was a breeze. Lights in the restroom were half off. The ticket is assigned to the guy with the keys to the timer which controls them. But he never showed up.

Ran some Netflix tests. Mfg engineers came over claiming they had a test pass on their box which failed on mine and NP's. After we tested on two TVs with mine, they brought in theirs. It's bigger and newer. And it worked. I filed a bug with Netflix. And am pissed off because they let us continue with outdated equipment.

Boss was at the doctor, I'm sure she will have something to say about this tomorrow.

Conference called with our Asia guy. He still doesn't get it that it's useless to test broken hardware running incomplete firmware.

He claimed that they had fixed an audio issue, so I went to Hole 2 to get a longer network cable and moved my TV closer to the audio receiver. And it worked, but I had to turn the volume way up.

Stayed an hour + late filing that bug and verifying audio.

Home, traffic still sucked.

Delivered was the small dog harness. It too is a loser. Spot wanted to play with it, and it was not intuitive. I need to get a service puppy harness.

Dinner was trout, peas and tater tots. Coffee ice cream. I'll probably have a peach later.

Downloaded to Quicken as usual, and as usual, Amazon effed up the routine. Sometimes they bundle several items together and give the total price in email, but separate them out in the card charge. And sometimes vice versa.

Spook has been out and about a lot today, she even made two trips to the litterbox in the office while I was watching TV. Warily looking out for Spot, but not waiting till bedtime.

Watched PTI, and Penn & Teller. Channel surfed to a Love & Hip Hop reunion chat thing, and OMG those people are so fake. And shallow.

In other news, someone I wanted to add to my panel says she is not going to Worldcon. Boo.

And I need to choose which photos I will display, and make labels for them. We're less than a month away.

Plans for tomorrow:
Hopefully a normal day
Maybe writer's discussion session in MV

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