Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Almost quit today

Up early, out on time. Blame Spot. I kept throwing his toy off the bed, he kept bringing it back. Same thing when I threw it into the bath tub.

Took back roads, traffic wasn't too bad. Except for the merge stupidity.

Ran a bunch of audio tests, they all passed. Then Boss wanted to message chat and visiting engineers wanted me to run tests and NP wanted to message chat and lead next door engineer wanted to message chat and offer me help on something I don't need any help on. And Boss says we are moving in August, and she is asking for lab space for me and NP, but we both know that won't happen.

Facilities guy fixed the timer which runs the bathroom lights and maybe also the aircon, because it came on full blast.

Lunch was some goop Safeway thinks is mango chicken. WTF was the cauliflower doing in there? Strawberries for dessert.

Back to the Hole, both visiting engineers came by to run all the failed tests, most of which had passed for them. We figured it out, and decided that only one test actually was the TV's fault, all the rest were because the test case was poorly written, or just plain wrong. And two failed because there was one iffy clip out of about a dozen, but if one clip fails the whole test fails. Stoopid.

Stayed an hour late to write up the test results and watch some YouTube videos.

Traffic was bad because there is a concert at the amphitheater, which means blinking red traffic lights and humans trying to direct traffic which only slowed things down. They do keep the intersections clear. Mostly.

Was feeling under way too much pressure to test a piece of junk, because politics. My job is to be a check on that sort of thing, I HATE when I'm told to help junk get sold to customers.

Skipped the writers' meetup, skipped making a nail appointment, just went home intending to curl up in bed with a Kindle book and maybe a cat, but got distracted.

Put the CA flag out, the swivels look like they may work. May need to loosen the bottom one. Watched PTI and Below Deck. Dinner was the last two fried chicken pieces and three shrimp egg rolls. The bottle of sweet/hot sauce is suspect, I will pour it out tonight.

I think I just ate a nectarine. Why am I still hungry?

Spook was in the kitchen window when I came home, but let Spot chase her under the table and under the cat platform. I lured her back to the top of the shorter platform with a meat stick.

Not going to proofread this.

Plans for tomorrow:
More crap at work
Go to the show at MV Center for Reforming Tarts
which means staying way late, or hanging out in downtown MV for a couple of hours. One could do worse.

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