Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Thursday theater FAIL

But first...
Too much time in meetings and interruptions, not enough testing.

Got to work on time, called AG on the way and encouraged him to tell HR how awful his boss is before his boss tells HR what a bad manager AG is, because AG is not a manager. I had this happen to me at HP and was not proactive enough and would have been fired had I not found a better job first. By way of comparison, I am not in touch with anyone I spent almost 3 years working with, but that next job I hear from Boss and two co-workers regularly.

One of the interruptions which ate a lot of time is Boss asked if the Netflix tests for 5.1 audio were playing on all 5 speakers. Turns out they weren't, so a series of tests could not be run. The same TV and A/V receiver played on all speakers when I played the same content on Netflix's customer account. And on Google Play.

Most of the tests which failed today did so because the test was bad, not because there was anything wrong with the TV.

Lunch was curried salmon, strawberries for dessert.

After lunch was a scheduled call from a recruiter in FL who had a contract job in Sunnyvale for a start-up which does cool enough stuff to want to jump ship for. Especially after this week's shenanigans. They have a really impressive web site. We hit it off well, he will submit my resume to the hiring manager. Next interview if it comes will be, ironically, over Google Hangouts. I'm not sure I'm qualified, but maybe I have enough to offer.

Two meetings at Hole 2 today. 11 am with Boss & NP to give details on failed tests, and at 5 with Boss, NP, next door lead engineer and the two visiting engineers, over Hangouts with our guy in Asia and one of the manufacturer's people there. They promised a new build Monday. Ha.

From there I went to downtown MV, parked under the theater, plugged in the car and went topside to buy a ticket, but it was only 6 and box office opens at 7. Had a snack at the theater's cafe, and watched a lot of eye candy outside. Thought I heard music in the distance, so looked online and lo and behold a block away they had the main street blocked off for summer Thursdays' street fair. The music was done but there were all sorts of displays. PD, FD, UD, swim school, stuff for kids.

Back to the box office, got the ticket without a service charge. Opening night for an obscure 2-person play. I was lured in by the music director/pianist who is one of my favorite accompanists. I thought I would know the cast, but did not. The leading lady, who is incredibly hot and can sing but not enunciate, also directed.

The synopsis was misleading, it said is was about the love life of a struggling actress who falls on hard times. It's really about a Jewish novelist who falls for a stunning non-Jewish no-talent bimbo. It would have worked better had the actor known how to play Jewish. And if the orchestra had not drowned out the actors. The show has no dialog, it's all singing and stage hands carrying on and off furniture, clothing and props. Lighting was basic, and did nothing to help focus the action.

The show begins with the final scene. Writer writes a goodbye note, sticks his wedding ring on it and leaves. Wife comes home wearing a barista apron, takes that off, finds the note and has a melt-down. HOWEVER, the play ends looking at the apartment from the other direction, wife is standing outside with an oversized coffee cup, wearing a nightgown. Totally destroys the effect.

It was a FAIL for me because I couldn't make out most of the words, it was mis-cast and the chronology was jagged. The good news is the profits go in part to charity. 

Home, chopped liver sandwich & cole slaw, the last of the butter pecan ice cream for dessert. Watched PTI.

Delivered was a 6-month supply of syringes, and two bottles of a med I was about to run out of. And a box of small box cutters.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe home, maybe a manicure
Vote for the Hugo awards

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