Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Later than late start, and late finish

I set the alarm for 9, turned it off and went back to sleep for an hour with Spot purring beside me. Finally up & taking meds at noon, Spook was in the kitchen slurping from the top of the water fountain. I have learned to not go pet her because she runs away. Shook some treats out of the jar for her, but she ran and hid.

Had a lot of stuff to clean up. Made some more by cutting three huge onions in half and slicing them in the Cuisinart one at a time. Two are in the cast iron skillet, one is on a paper plate next to it. Loaded the dishwasher and started it.

BP readings have been wonky, Very high then very low. Pulse has been high too.

Went to PetSmart for a harness for Spot, and there was this adorable husky puppy (8 weeks old?) about the same size being fitted into one. Small worked, so I bought one.

Home, after a bit of a struggle to get his legs into it, I buckled it up and it was too small. Ordered a medium online - costs less on Amazon too.

Went through my poster prints for Worldcon, and picked out my faves, then was reminded of some world class pix from the past and ordered them online to be picked up tomorrow at the Santa Clara store. Got a call from them, their printer is broken, earliest would be Tuesday. They were able to cancel the order, I went online again and had them printed in Mountain View, where I will be tomorrow and during the week.

One is of lightning behind the Rama IX Bridge, which zyzyly reminded me of. Another is a cat sitting on a bamboo bench in Surin. That one was my first sale at a con art show.

That done, I opened up and filled in the art show control sheet, and emailed it. 20 photos, but probably won't have room to display that many. Still need to print labels for them. The con does the bid tags. Also need to apply the hangers to the back.

Lunch was three eggs on rye bread with thyme, oregano and pepper, and a slice of American cheese. Peach for dessert. Don't know why that required four trips to the loo.

Watched some TV, vegged out in the recliner. Totally forgot to veg out on the porch. Watered all the indoor plants.

CA flag was all wrapped up around the pole again, the swivels were held in place with screw-in spacers and they had come off. Piece of junk. I flipped the swivels upside down so the spacers would be held in place by gravity. It looked like it would work.

6:30 drove to SJ downtown, traffic was stupid and slow for no reason. 3-below theater kicked out Psycho Donuts, and the snack bar they share with Comedy Sports which used to be donuts and lots of other goodies is now just serving popcorn and pop. They improved and enlarged the lounge seating, and built new restrooms. Got a spot in the parking lot with a charger and plugged in.

7:30 people were still coming into the theater as if they were early, the lights were still up as the announcements started, and Mr. Funt the junior (Funt the senior died in '99) started his talk with audience members continuing to talk among themselves.

It was interesting, and he is an excellent speaker. But the trademark cheap look and feel of Candid Camera was in evidence all evening. To me the most surprising was who the early co-hosts were. Suzanne Somers, Mrs. Clint Eastwood, and that ugly chick from that stupid sitcom about the flaming boy genius. I seem to have blocked out its name. Her name is Hebrew for Water. She's a PhD and Funt says she is brilliant IRL. Sometimes too much so.

There was a 15-minute intermission which lasted closer to half an hour. Funt had to tell about 30 people to sit down - they were lining the aisles having a cocktail party.

The obligatory memorial montage for Alan Funt left a lot to be desired. The final photo portrait of him was superb, however.

Restroom break, then home.

CA flag was all wrapped up around the pole again so I took it down.

Dinner was reheated pizza and a long forgotten piece of corned beef. Coffee ice cream drizzled with chocolate syrup for dessert.

Watched some bad CFL football, FFed from the end of the first quarter to the 4th quarter, hardly missed anything. Hamilton (a blue collar suburb of Toronto I have been to twice) almost made a last minute comeback.

Plans for tomorrow:
Cut up the chicken skins
Cook them up with the onions
Collect the chicken fat
Storage containers for the rest
4-ish MV Costco for the prints
5 pm MV Starbucks on the other side of the tracks for Janice coffee
Safeway shopping next door. Lunches, fruit, ice cream

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