Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

My Head Hurts

Up on time, out early, tons of email at work, including a new build which supposedly fixed some audio foo. So I ran audio tests but did not get very far because at a minute and a half in, it made a rude noise. Had to make a video, and try the test 3 times to make sure.

Filed a bug, but it takes Google Photos forever to process a 2-minute video so that kept me from filing a bug on the next test which failed.

1 pm, instead of risking being late for pacemaker appointment I drove straight there. Good thing because even with light traffic it took more than 30 minutes to get there, park, and hike to the office.

And of course the tech was 20 minutes late.

Bottom line is I really didn't need the pacemaker. The beta blocker has made it so my pacemaker is not doing any work. This makes me incredibly angry. One of the rare times I am not happy I was right in the first place.

After the reading, the tech helped me calibrate my BP meters. First we took my BP on their meter and it was 144/83 pulse 79. My home meter was close - 144/76 73 pulse. So we tried my work meter: 118/75, 75 pulse. WTF? Tried it again, 117/70 75 pulse. Back to their meter - 118/72. My body is apparently not even close to being a precision instrument. Tech was surprised but had no answers. He'll let my new cardiologist know (she was in surgery at the time).

Back to work, had to chase away visiting engineer, I had audio tests to run. Had her give the other work to NP.

Did not get very far before NP reminded me that Boss has us doing an online meeting every day at 5 pm with Asia guy. Total waste of time. And he says there will be yet another update. I am so done with this stupidity.

After useless conference call I plowed through test cases till 6:30. Made up for time off.

Home, traffic was light, I should have taken a nap but had email from a local finance company which specializes in mobile home park homes. There was a ton of paperwork they wanted, thankfully I had most of it on hand from the last company. Wasn't able to log into the paystubs site, though. It kept saying no to my password reset, after approving the password. Grrr.

Watched PTI - took a break halfway to cook a steak which was marinating in some 10-year-old Port. Appetizer was marinated artichoke hearts and a pinch of the greevin. The steak came out okay, but I only had jaws for 3/4 of it. Dessert was mint mooseturd ice cream.

Watched about half of that other sports show, tuned out when they switched from football to baseball. Because who cares.

During the day Spook was in webcam at the water and food towers. And for a while Spot was on the top of the tall tree while Spook was atop the short tree. I get home and she's under the table, attacking him.

Got the refinance application filled out, scanned and uploaded. So no progress on art show photo labels.

Delivered was the medium sized doggie harness, which I got onto Spot and it drove him crazy. I may need to go with a collar instead. Or just forget about it.

Plans for tomorrow:
Drop off the rent check
DMV for 10:40 appointment for Real™ license


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