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Up on time, out of bed early but slow to get offline and onto the road. Blame the ants, and digging through the cabinets to find the traps and set them out, with Spot wanting to explore inside the cabinets.

Back roads were okay until Amazon Labs, then got stacked up with way more cars making right turns across the light rail tracks than there was turn lane. 101 wasn't bad till the exit - 7 minutes to go that last mile. And then dodging Google tour buses because in all these years they haven't built real bus stops, with cut-outs to get out of traffic.

Grabbed an egg and a couple of tiny bananas and some cheeses in the break room.

Answered a lot of email, mostly involving the Asia Twerp.

Very tedious spreadsheet work:
- save HTML page which lists all the tests. Once for manual tests once for automated
- Open those in spreadsheet program and nuke everything except the test numbers & summaries
- Save csv of my tests since 6/23
- save csv of NP's tests since 6/23

Merge my csv with the manual test list and then painstakingly insert blank lines in the test list where I ran the test more than once, and blank lines in my results list where there were tests I had not run. Highlighted the latter.

Shared that with Boss and NP. She could do the same for automated tests she ran, but it's not needed.

Closed a couple of bugs. Installed yet another firmware release. Found a weird bug right away by accident. Visiting engineer was in jaw drop mode when I showed him twice. Then I loaned him an antenna so he could try it on his TV. Netflix tests don't use an antenna, so visiting engineers skip the antenna channel scan, which means they would not see the bug. It only happens when you run a Netflix movie then try to watch over-the-air TV.

That ate up most of my morning. I was only able to re-test one bug after that. Plan A was to take a break and drive to the lakeside café for lunch, which I did. It was not as pleasant as planned because there were no tables in the sun or near the windbreak, so I was cold even in a light jacket. Wind off the lake negated the 85 degree air temp. Most of the women in swimsuits were out of sight.

Speaking of which, last night I set up yet another "weather station" in the bedroom. It took a lot of jamming to get the A/C adapter plug into the unit, but once that was done it worked well. Put one sensor under cover on the back retaining wall, have another I may stick up above the front door.

3:30, over to Hole 3, plugged in the car and met Boss and NP for a tour of the building we are moving into Friday. I do not want this move, the promised lab space did not materialize. There are several rooms which will work, sort of,  but none of them have been assigned to us. Boss thinks that if we move our stuff into them, we will own them, but I doubt it.

From there to video conference with Asia Twerp and Asia engineer. Again, they made me talk early & often. Boss thinks the project will finish up tomorrow, and it will if we don't find more bugs. 50-50 chance? Nah.

Spent the last half hour with NP, counting the tests to be done. I told her to claim the ones she wanted and email me the rest.

Nail appointment, there with 20 minutes to spare so went to Safeway ISO windshield washer fluid. They don't have any. They have 4 brands of anti-freeze. WTF?

Well worth the search because there were some stunning women in tight or sparse clothing pretending to shop. No cart, no basket. Maybe shopping for SOs.

Manicurist was busy as usual, but only a 10-minute wait. I now have beautiful cobalt blue nails. The Ravens-Bears game was on the TV. Odd to see RG3 in  blue.

Home, because I shopped for everything last Sunday. All that stone fruit is turning ripe. Ant traps were somewhat effective, they will be moreso now that they are right side up.

Spot was annoying Spook all evening, I finally pulled out the spray bottle. He runs, but he comes right back. :-(

Watched PTI and Happy Hour. Lots of football news. I guess pre-season starts next week.

Put together the spreadsheet and mailmerge doc to print out the back-of-picture labels for my 20 art show shots, and also attached plastic hangers. Took two tries for the first page because the labels were in backwards. And I forgot about one of my best shots, so I pulled one boring one and replaced it. I may swap a so-so moon photo with something else, maybe later. I can't find the email saying how much wall space I bought.

But I did find the email saying Wednesday (15th) at 3-8 pm is hanging time. Must add that to my calendar, and the meet & greet Friday.

Spook finally got brave and fought off Spot for a place at the water fountain.

Online, ordered more labels, dry erase markers and a long USB C cable.

Dinner was reheated pizza, a nectarine and some ice cream over Famous Amos cookies.

Answered cardiologist email (she tried to call during the tour) that I'll have data for her tomorrow & included the BP episode from Monday. It did not sound like the pacemaker tech talked to her.

Plans for tomorrow:
Write up BP &cet stats for cardiologist


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