Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

How did it get to be so late so early?

Morning was a waste of time & gas. One of my orchids is dying, and one of my Thai lime trees. I drove way down to south SJ and visited all three tropical plant stores, none of them had either catalayas or Thai limes.

Back home, every time I went outside Spot launched himself through the door ahead of me. Not good, since he had been wheezing all morning.

Marinated two steaks in really bad Australian burgundy, with rosemary and ground sage. After the trip I fried them on the grill pan, had half of one for lunch. Cut the rest and bagged them.

No ice cream today, Mango & nectarine instead.

While looking for mango cutting tips online one of them showed a mango splitter. Think apple slicer but shaped for a mango's weird pit.

Spent some time on FB, watched some TV, experimented with casting video from my tablet to the big TV in the bedroom's Chromecast device. It mostly worked, as long as the source was high enough bit rate.

4:45, headed for MV, got there in 5 minutes and Janice was on time 10 minutes later. We had our usual chat, though the broken arm is not being kind to her.

After, BB&B - got an exchange for my small refill cartridge and bought one of the big ones, which I am pretty sure will fit in my device. We'll find out in about a month when the current small one runs out. Also got a mango splitter and a set of plastic shower suction cup hooks.

Next door to BB, bought a pair of F twist-to-push connectors (these are little adapters which screw into a TV cable and push into the plug so you don't have to be a contortionist to connect an antenna). Also picked up another Google Home mini for the office, where I don't have voice command coverage.

Home, traffic was light but stupid. 

Set up the mini, it works well. It can also hear me from the livingroom where Alexa Dot has trouble.

Dinner was breaded fish fillets and tater tots. Freshly split mango for dessert. Actually, after splitting, the fruit is scored and turned inside out and cut from the skin. Much much easier than the pre-splitter techniques.

Watched a CFL game, until I realized it was not the Johnny Football debut. That was the next game on Tivo. Johnny was awful. Most of his team was even worse. His first two passes were intercepted - but to be fair the receivers tipped them instead of catching them. Final score was 50-11, should have be 50-3 but the officials pitied the Montreal team enough to allow a very suspicious TD after just barely reviewing it.

Tivo is now empty. I may need to see if I get the Comet channel over the air solidly enough to have Tivo record bad sci-fi movies from it. Some day Dr. Who will return, but it is taking a very long time.

Tried to find Wenlei Huang (Olivia) online, she seems to have disappeared. I have my email from 2000-2003 from her, but I doubt that will give me any clues. Just before she went back to China she worked as an illustrator at Cisco.

Something on FB made me look up Presidential elections. I have been voting since 1968, only three of the people I voted for won. But that did not make the others "not my President". Because we have a system here which will be destroyed if We The People don't respect the office. And that way lies madness.

Speaking of madness, Spook came out from under the coffee table, went to the kitchen and meowed for treats. I stood guard as she ate them & drank for the fountain. Spot watched from the piano room, but I stared him down, playing alpha male.  Unfortunately, when she was done, Spook crawled back under the coffee table instead of taking her place atop a cat tree.

Plans for tomorrow:
Take inventory - note what goes to the new building. Most will fit in boxes
Take home my dustbuster. They vacuum in the new building
If there is time, go to Kaiser for blood tests

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