Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another short memory post

I keep forgetting to mention this.

Every time I take 101, the last place on the right before the on ramp was an elegant bar & grill (but mostly bar) called The Lion and Compass. When I first started working in Silicon Valley it was The Place to go for a small special gathering or just to hang out someplace swanky.

It has now been bulldozed. It will probably be replaced wit more of the ugly condos which take up the rest of the block.

Most days on my way home, I pass by The Brass Rail, polar opposite of The L&C. When Moffett Field was a busy navy base, this was a dive strip joint. Over time the city mothers decided it was immoral for women to dance on stage naked, so they made them keep their bikini bottoms on. And then they made them keep their tops on too. The wily management threaded a loophole by showing topless videos of the dancers over whichever of the three stages they were dancing.

But with the navy base gone, and times being what they are, the quality of the dancers went down and their ages went up. About a month ago, with no notice to the outside world, they went out of business. There are no signs saying there is something else being built there, and their parking lot sign announcing Wednesday night wet t-shirt contests and various other fun stuff (bachelor parties, big screen football, hoffbrau style lunch) is still there, just not lit.

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