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We thought we were done testing the TV, but then Asia Twerp sent a new build to fix a problem which he said I reported (but I don't think I did) and of course right away I found a bug in the new build. And it killed NP's TV.

So I spent all day running the Required tests. Got most of them done, but since the Asia Twerp didn't provide a new build number, the test UI doesn't show what was passed/failed today, it shows for the last several days.

Got the official move email. It doesn't apply to me, I need to open a ticket with them to get my stuff moved.
The new build apparently does not recognize bluetooth accessories.

Lunch was beef & grains. Not bad except for the broccoli. Strawberries for dessert. And almond roca popcorn later.

The outdoor temp sensor for the work thermometer didn't work. Only cost $7 for a refurb, when I put a note on Amazon the vendor shipped a replacement.

4:30 Twerp conference. Ended by 5. Too late to go back to The Hole so I went home. Mistake, major traffic that early. No conference tomorrow.

Someone messed with The Hole's electrical shut-off timer and the lights came on in the restrooms and the air conditioning kicked in at about 4 pm. We've been without aircon for a couple of weeks. Today it got to 83° in my lab. Good thing Twerpcon was in Hole 2.

Home, relaxed a bit. When I got out of bed Spot was asleep on my pants (on the floor).

Spook is making some progress, but not enough. Not sure if I should refill the pheromones or pull them.

Took home the dust buster since I won't be needing it at Hole 3. Tried to vacuum one of the cat trees, but it needs a lot more than a portable.

Watched PTI and Happy Hour. NFL channel is starting to get interesting, now that all the training camps are active.

Dinner was a lot of chopped liver & greevin with a peach and a scoop of ice cream for dessert.

Ordered some dry erase markers, sharpies and a new pair of Tevas.

Plans for tomorrow:
Take my time heading home. I have an Andre Norton maxpak on the kindle app, enjoying the somewhat dated language. Maybe park at Starbucks and read.

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