Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Gone and Forgotten

I haven't had to yell at someone in a couple of weeks. Prior to that it's been years. Work has been stupid. The visiting engineer didn't understand that we finished testing Friday. No, I will not re-run a test NP marked as failed. See her about it.

At about 3:30, Boss and local Taiwan manager liaison came by to pick up the TV in question and haul it to Netflix. Considering the lack of source code control at the mfg, a dumpster would have been a better place for it. But now it is Somebody Else's Problem™ and I think i have one project on my list to start tomorrow.

After yelling at visiting engineer, I dashed off to Kaiser for a blood test. Results for the heart failure hormone came in, it is double the last time a couple of weeks ago. I am chalking that up to the high stress levels at work and medically.

Janice texted me, she is having a rough time, can we have lunch Sunday and go somewhere? Sure. I need it as much as she does. Almost. My plan is Tommy Thai and Almaden Lake Park. I'd prefer the ocean, but Sundays this time of year the traffic negates the ocean therapy.

Lunch was beef teriyaki steamer. The last of the strawberries for dessert & a peach later.

Leaving work was a PIA, again they had the traffic  lights flashing at Pear Ave, which is way before they need it. Had to lean on my horn to get across to Starbucks. No, I am not turning right, you cretin.

There were some beautiful women, but most were just getting something to go on their way to the concert.  I fired up the kindle app on the laptop and continued reading the Andre Norton story.

Traffic at about 6:45 was better, bypassed the traffic cretins.

Home, only junk in the mailbox. Nothing delivered.

Putting away my glass pans, found an egg poacher, so I had poached eggs on toast for dinner. With milk. I don't drink a lot of milk anymore.

Watched PTI. Updated the software on the bedroom TV. Kind of by accident - I was going to check the model number but it wasn't in the settings. Need to turn it around and look on the back. I want to give it away and replace it with a smaller set with higher resolution/HDR.

I have a lot of stuff to call 1-800-got-junk about. And a Goodwill run to make.

The second try at refinancing is not going well. The numbers don't look like they will save me much - up front costs of about $3k.

I should call my mortgage holder directly.

Plans for tomorrow:
Lunch date with former contract rep
Maybe writer's session in MV
Expect some Amazon deliveries.
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