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Cell Phone Takes a P

Up on time, out a little late but not too. Decided to try to take Middlefield to Rengsdorff and avoid all the 101 foo. Back road to Mathilda, straight through IFH instead of along Moffett Field. Right turn at Ross.

And that was a mistake because (a) Ross was under construction, and (b) it dead ends after a half mile. No outlet on any branch roads. So back to Mathilda, right turn, overpass over 101, then right on Ahwahnee. Which is also under construction and meanders around before the light at Maude, which never turns green. So a lot of waiting. And I should have turned left in the "237 only" lane because it gets to Middlefield before it gets to 237. Going straight waste a lot of time.

The rest of the commute was as planned, but traffic by then made it a PIA to get to the right lane for my turn towards The Hole.

And at the door three people were waiting. I thought it was Mitchell, who did not have a key, and the two visiting engineers, but it turned out to be Jeremy, who is supposed to have a key. He loaned his to Mitchell, who had been arriving early but later M told me he had made a Costco run before work and got caught in traffic. Jeez.

So I opened the door for them, let them know after tomorrow I won't be there to let them in,  then went to the break room to grab breakfast.

Logged in, email from the James Bond manager to not test the machine yet, there was a new build coming. I emailed back that with the move tomorrow, there won't be time to test till next week.

So, nothing to do all day. The only other item on my list was packed away at Hole 2, and won't have software till 2 weeks from now.

Watched some storm chasers, but none of them had storms to chase.

Watched some YouTube of 49ers.

Packed up all the wires which were lying around unused, and the two DVD players (one does composite the other does component & HDMI). And the Netflix test box with its associated cables. And a couple of power strips.

Lunch was beef portobello, and cut melons. The phone started updating to Android P as I ate. Yesterday Boss was surprised I didn't know they named it Pie. It was only announced on the internal news site yesterday. I'm not seeing any difference, which is great because the beta broke many of my apps.

Emailed cardiologist with my non-salt answer.

Got the new numbers for the refinance, but couldn't read the pdf on my machine.

4:30 sync  with Boss, NP and vacation boss. Boss thought it woud take longer, but there were only 4 projects, I had already claimed one, NP had started one and had the hardware for another so I took #4.

I need to dig out my dogfood Seattle magazine cover. Vacation boss will be in charge of a dogfood project on the TVs we just tested.


This was the cover of the first Seattle magazine as I recall. Must have been the 70s. They went out of business, a new Seattle started up in  2011.   
Thought about returning to The Hole with the extra boxes and stickers I'd collected, but the radio reminded me that there was a 7 pm 49ers home game tonight so I had better not wait. There was a mess where 101 dumped onto 237 east, which is where I trade places and become off-ramp traffic to the IFH. Only 4 cars ahead of me at the light, and it turned green in less than 5 minutes. The rest of the trip home was usual.

Nothing in the mailbox. As I was checking the front garden, an Amazon/unmarked van drove up, the driver completely ignored me and dropped a package in front of the front door. And then another unmarked white van drove up and blocked traffic while the two nitwits chatted.

The package was a pair of Teva sandals. Tried them on, they seem to be the improvement over the old ones I wanted.

Plugged in the car, grabbed the cooler from the trunk and let myself in the side door. Spot was waiting and yelling.

Turned on the TV, the first NFL game was on, I watched a little, but got bored with Not My Team­™, and played the latest Below Deck. Much more soap opera than needed. How can these people try to have relationships with co-workers? Especially the airhead with the perfect body who is competing with the almost intelligent pretty-enough slightly older co-stewardess for the hunk's attention.

Speaking of soap, the Bachelorette made her choice, and she went with the muscle head. He's tall and wide and as not-handsome as one woud expect a farm boy named Garrett to be. It may work, because in all the important ways he is the exact opposite of the Bachelor who dumped her after they were engaged. No wedding plans yet, just moving in together.

Spook did some strange things tonight. I was snacking on French fried onions, and she came out from under the coffee table and stared at me. I tossed her a couple of pieces, and she gobbled them up. And kept doing that for about half a dozen tosses. We're talking broken bits pinched between two fingers. When she had enough she crawled back under the table.

After about half an hour she slunk down the hall to the bedroom. I followed in case she was planning on peeing in the doggie bed again, but instead she curled up on the fleece blanket under the bedding rack, which used to be a go-to place for her.

Meanwhile, Spot has alternated between being very vocal and lying quietly on his back playing dead.

In Tivo news, it was set to record the 49ers game, and since it's a wish list item it ought to record both the local broadcast (in this case CBS) and the NFL Network's, but it was only recording NFL network, which switched to a different game at 7, not the 49ers as scheduled. So I flipped to CBS and tried to start it recording, but Tivo thought it was already being recorded. I had to kill the NFL network recording and start the CBS. Lost most of the first half.

Watched till the 3rd quarter when real time matched recording time. Will watch the rest later. I see the 49ers came from behind to beat Dallas.  First exhibition game, I didn't see much talent worth noting on either team, except the 49er backup QB has improved a bit.

Plans for tomorrow:
Pack everything that can be packed, put stickers on the rest.
Wait for the facilities folks to haul it all away. Power off and unplug the linux box when they get there.
For once, don't lock up. Mfg reps will be taking their TV sets next week.
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