Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

More bad timing

Up right at the alarm, feeling not at all rested. I'd been up at 4:30 for a now-rare early morning tinkle. Hgl was 253, way too high for what I'd had for dinner.

Took my usual 101 route, with the usual mess at the exit. Too many people jamming their way into the exit lane then getting stuck when they saw the exit-only sign. A large part of that mess is inadequate signage.

Got in at 9:15, grabbed a couple of small bananas, there were no eggs, and it looked like the morning crew had taken the day off. Odd, since there was a group in the lecture hall.

Into the Hole, warm already, no aircon. I finished packing, but the facilities bozo said they would not be there till Monday morning, which is whacked. That means by the time my stuff gets there all kinds of boxes and unpacking will be in my way. Boss tried to put a ribbon on it, but she was talking out of her ass.

I ended up saying whatever, and watching Twitch on the one production TV and playing mahjong online and reading the news online.

Meanwhile the temp eventually got up to 85 in my lab, but only 83 at the window. The one (new) engineer next door needed some explaining that nothing will b done because the building is being torn down soon and his company is responsible for renting space off-campus for his team. The honeymoon is over.

Lunch was beef broccoli steamer and apple slices from Lee next door. The apples were from her tree, but it was my slicer.

After work a stop at CVS because their vitamins are all 2-fers, so I restocked B12 and D3. Also got a box of Polident. Forgot to get more dishwasher pods, but I can get those for less at Grocery Outlet.

Home, Spot met me at the door but he had been on my recliner most of the day, Spook was in the bedroom under the bedding rack.

Watched the end of last night's 49er game, they won, but it wasn't pretty. Tonight I am swapping between the Raiders, who are winning by a hair, 2nd string QB doesn't know how to pass a football. There are a couple of decent runners. And the Giants, who were ahead 9-3 at the bottom of the 4th, and added more runs as I watched. I'll be there tomorrow but not for the game. I expect the Pirates to come back for revenge. I'll be there to see Barry Bonds get his due, Willie Mays, McCubby and a raft of other greats will be there. I may or may not get decent photos with my 300mm zoom from the edge of the outfield.

Email from refinance broker with a lame reason why my application was denied. I'll just have to put up with the rate raise in December. Catch 22 is applying for a refinance lowers your credit score. Meanwhile B of A raised my credit limit on a card which will be charging interest in November. I paid down the 0% Capital One card, need to start on BofA.

In other news, the "final" Worldcon program came out, and there was a change to my panel, and it's outstanding. Besides me on the panel was:
Unwoman, who is an amazing electronic cellist and Victorian era costumer
Cliff Winnig, who was on the Westercon panel with me, he plays sitar
and Frank Hayes, who is a filk writer legend, and one of the con's Guests of Honor. I've met him at a couple of filk cons, and am a fan of him and his work
Now we also have Sheila Finch, an 83-year-old sci-fi writer, many of whose stories revolve around Xenolinguistics. I have her 2007 book on its way, may get to read some while waiting for the movers Monday. The reviews are excellent.

Also got the official invite to the art show reception.

Dinner was turkey dogs on Health Nut bread with sauerkraut and dijon with pasta bow ties & shells. And Imperial margarine, which apparently has changed its formula because now it crumbles after it has been frozen & thawed.

The rest of the mango bits for dessert, drizzled with sweetened condensed milk. Yum.

Laundered the pissed-on pillows from the two doggie beds and put them back in the beds. Not yum.

Plans for the weekend:
Saturday, print "just in case" labels for the photos I am bringing to the con but are not on the official list. In case someone doesn't show up
Print a "photos by howeird" label
leave at 1 to catch the 1:23 at Sunnyvale, 3-ish at SF
AT&T doors open 3:45, ceremony at 5, game at 6:15
Back to Caltrain whenever
Set up tripod & wide angle lens and take some 15-second exposures (or longer) maybe catch shooting stars
Maye drive to the park for that
Sunday, pick up Janice at 11:30, lunch then drive to Almaden Lake Park for a peaceful getaway.
Back home whenever
Take out the garbage


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