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Possession is 9/10 of the Lie

As I was eating ice cream for dessert last night I felt hungry. Woke up at about 5 am with an Hgl of 58. Two Klondike bars and back to bed.

When I went to sleep, Spook was curled up under the bedroom bedding rack and Spot was on the bed with me. When I woke up, Spot was under the bedroom bedding rack and Spook was under the coffee table, looking toward the bedroom. That was weird.

Took my time getting to work but was early anyway. Probably because I didn't pack a lunch, expecting the new building's break room would have "grab and go" lunches like the one next door that the team was leaving.

AG phoned at 9:30, Cardiologist phoned at 10, which made me miss the call from the movers at 10:05. Cardiologist said just stick with the current program, and check with her in 6-8 weeks. Movers called back, they were at the Hole, so I went out to wave to them. They had already propped open the door which most visitors don't try to open. Points for them.

But it was a circus. The team leader was the only one who spoke English, one guy spoke Spanish, the other just Samoan, according to the lead guy, but I don't think so. I know a lot of Samoans, and this fellow was not one. Probably some other Hispanic, or maybe Andean. Built like a sherpa, but with Central American features.

Everything except the server & two TV sets were in boxes, so it was an easy move. I waited in the break room near the Hole, and read while they made the 1-mile journey.

When they got to the new building he called and asked where the stuff was supposed to go. I had no idea. That was his job.

About 11:30 I drove over, and Boss had already opened all my boxes and put most of them in the wrong place. She had claimed a small conference room for the lab, but it had no furniture, and most of the stuff for my desk was there and two boxes of lab stuff was at my desk. This confused me and I thought we were missing two boxes, but they were just not where I expected them. Moved the TV I test with to the "lab" but Boss said it would be a while before we knew if we could keep that space, so I carried the test TV and the James Bond device to my desk and set that up. Way too crowded. An open office with NP to my left and  Boss behind her.

Break room did not have lunch items. Boo hiss. Lunch was a Kind bar and a couple of fig bars and a packet of cheese crackers. Diet Coke and diet Mountain Dew.

While I was playing YouTube videos and establishing that the James Bond's latest build was broken, got a call from a recruiter who had a manual QA job for a medical robotics company. It looks like something I might be able to do, though I'm uneasy about working to FDA standards. But it pays almost twice what I'm getting now, and is contract-to-hire instead of the current contract-to-fire. With all the crap of the past month, I'm ready to bail.

But not till after Worldcon.

On the way home stopped at Togo's, the slower than tectonic shift guy hired himself a trainee who is a lot faster, though he got my order wrong - white bread isn't dark with stuff clinging to the side. Bought a meatball sandwich for dinner and a pastrami for tomorrow's lunch. The new building's break room only has one microwave, to serve about 100 people.

Home, ate the meatball sandwich, but remembered why I'd stopped getting them - they switched from real meatballs to some kind of pressed meat-like substance. No taste, no texture. Kind of like Thai fish balls.

Watched PTI and Happy Hour. Saving Good Morning Football for another time. Or not.

Finished the first story in The Guild of Xenolinguists, and was disappointed. I like her writing style - can't tell it's a woman's writing, which usually jumps out at me. But her characters have no depth, and the alien is not believable. And the linguist is seduced by the bimbo who is the assistant to the general in charge of the project, and she decides the alien is really an autistic man and tells her sister the autism activist who launches a protest, in which the linguist gets trampled. But the description of the protest sounds like he was only mildly injured but the next scene he's got broken ribs and arm and a concussion.

The ending also preps us for the need for a Guild, which is totally unsupported by the events in the story.

I'll keep reading...

Spook has been brave tonight, she came into the kitchen for treats, and let me chase Spot away instead of running away herself. But she still prefers the safety of under the coffee table.

Printed my "photos by howeird" stickers.

Plans for tomorrow:
Bring lunch
Work (or pretend to - I can't do a smoke test without audio)
Prep the box of photos/calendars onto my dolly for Wednesday.

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