Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

As Bad As I Feared

This morning I had it all together** and was on the road early, took the very slow Shoreline mergefest which turned out in the long run to be faster than 2 exits past it. In the office before everyone on my team.

Long story short, without a lab to work in, or a dedicated network, or an audio system, I couldn't run half the tests. Bluetooth didn't work right because there are too many devices advertising, even worse with trying to cast videos, and fighting 50 other devices for the network bandwidth I couldn't tell if the bad playback was the device or the network.

And then I found a bug which locked up the machine, and due to wrong instructions as I tried to re-image it, it bricked.

I am not happy.

Lunch was Togo's pastrami re-heated & some apple slices.

Recruiter did not call. :-(

Thankfully, tomorrow I will bail early and go to SJ to hang my photos. And am taking the whole rest of the week for Worldcon, except for Monday, which is a major WTF - cons normally end Sunday early afternoon.

**Not entirely. I forgot to take my pills.

Got a nice surprise on FB, a friend musician re-posted a series of photos I took of her at a concert 4 years ago, and thanked me for them.  She will be concerting at Worldcon.

Home, but first Grocery Outlet looking for lunch for tomorrow. Maybe the bologna will make sandwiches. I have pickle chips and mustard & bread. Bought crab cakes because they were a steal, had them for dinner, but only ate 3 of the 4, the last one is disposal bound because who puts peppers in crab cakes? Other than the peppers they were pretty good, made from actual crab as well as pollack.
Also bought some mint chip ice cream for dessert. Grapes, strawberries and mangoes too. And Mrs. Paul's clam strips which were also for dinner and turned out to be too chewy. I probably baked them too long.

Spook has been out and about a little. She was in the front window when I got home, under the coffee table most of the evening, but the last time I went to the bathroom she was parked on the rug in front of the shower. Spot is still being a bully, but Spook is getting better at fighting him off. But she still runs from him and hides when she doesn't have to. He is so fat. :-(

Got a letter from Triad Financial, which is the mortgage company which made one of the offers when I first bought the place. I misread the offers and chose the other one, from a CU. The letter said they may require an assessment. I think this is the "bank" which the last broker applied to. It isn't a bank, it's a mortgage company which specializes in manufactured homes. Odd for them to send a letter if they already declined the loan.

Watched PTI, I'm getting tired of substitute hosts. Happy Hour also had a sub. Good Morning Football runs 3 hours! And has about 20 minutes of content. Or maybe 15.

**Remembered to take my pills right before eating dinner.

Plans for tomorrow:
try to un-brick the device
After lunch drive to SJ, park in the lot and roll my photos over to the con
Hang my photos
Nip over to the dealers hall and say hi to Spring and check out her jewelry for sale 
Maybe meet people
Find a place to leave my calendars for people to grab
Go home

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