Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Let's get this out of the way

My boss is loud. And very outgoing. She knows most of the 7,684 people in our building. They visit her, she converses loudly, and the only thing good about that is she loudly managed to reserve a conference room - a big one - for us to use as a lab for the next 6 months. I'll be gone in 4. NP still has a lot of time.

It is not an ideal setup, since NP & I will have to share, which will slow down both of us.

I managed to un-brick and re-brick the James Bond about three times, finally escalated the bug to the mfg, and their local liaison has gone to bat for me. We need a script, not 47 individual commands. I can build the script if they give me the right commands.

Lunch was a bologna sandwich and Famous Amos. I ate out on the patio, which was way too bright and the shade was too cold while the sun was too hot. But there was a group of 8 Chinese having a loud and aromatic lunch in the break room, so no win.

2 pm, bailed, drove to SJ, took 1 exit too early and had to drive around construction on 1-way streets to find my favorite parking garage.

Pulled my box of prints and calendars about 5 blocks to the con,  each time I hit an indentation (the ones between squares) the box flipped forward and spilled the extra hanger pads I'd packed. It looked worse than it was.

Checked in, first WTF is they had me listed by my badge name, so my ID did not help them, though they required it. I was way too early for program participant check-in, so I trundled upstairs to the Great Hall of the People, and with a lot of effort and no real help from the staff or the layout (zero signage except for a 3x4 card on the panel with my name on it - the panels were assigned in no order that I could tell).

The staff was helpful in providing bid sheets and blue tape and helping me swap one entry for another online, and showing me where they hid the pegboard hooks. My plan for the display did not work, either the panels were smaller than advertised or my prints were 11x14 not including their inch-wide borders. Instead of 20, I was able to hang 16, all landscape because with the two portrait ones it woud have been 14. Plenty 'o' room for the bid sheets. Also, the panels were in a U shape, I was given an L - one panel at 90° to the next. Would have been better to have two together. The pegs didn't all snap in solidly so some of the photos are sort of floating.

Staff came around with an Artist button from 2002, and an Artist ribbon from now.

The staff helped remove the 4 photos  from the control sheet I didn't use. Not that anyone was checking what we came in or left with.

Long walk to the other end of the hall to find Springtime Creations and say hi to Spring and Dave.

By now it's 5 pm, time to collect my panel participant credentials. They only had through L, and as I mentioned, though my badge name is h my real name is S.

Went outside and sat in the shade and observed all the fat people walking into the con. Eye candy is rare at cons, outside of the masquerade. People shaped like me or more so are the norm.

Back inside, bought a T-shirt. Cute design which they did not use on the badges. I have no idea what the badge picture is. Probably something drawn by the artist GoH. I have to say the badges are way better than usual, solid plastic, two slots for a double-hook lanyard, badge name slapped on with a label.

Finally got my participant folder, which had a 1-page, 2-sides set of messages and suggestions for moderators. And a slip of index card with my panel, except it had two items with an "I" next to them. The messages said to see them in room 241 for questions. 241 is located all the way at the back of the 2nd floor meeting rooms. A nice lady explained that "I" meant "invisible", as in there was someone in that event you had asked not to work with. I could go to the event but not be on the staff for it. One was the masquerade, which makes sense because the woman in charge of costuming screwed up my photography panel at Helsinki and I put her on my bad list. The other is a concert for someone who is a Facebook friend, I know I didn't ask to not work with him, so I can only assume he didn't want me there. Not a big shock, he may be one of those friends who thinks I support Trump. I don't, but I speak up when orange man does something right. Which is more often than most of my friends want to believe.

Anyhow, just to be safe I took his concert off my schedule.  I think it's at the same time as the artist reception anyway.

On the way back from Programming, they were setting up the freebies table, top of the stairs in front of the Great Halls. Excellent. The nice men said to just leave the calendars on the table, they would make sure they were part of the freebies. Yay!

Back to the car, long walk, my right shoe was misbehaving. I'll wear sandals the rest of the con. Easier without all the prints & calendars in the box and no dolly toting.

Put the box & dolly into the car, grabbed the grapes from the cooler, and ate them, then closed up and walked to the Paseo,  found my favorite bakery and had a Napoleon and a chocolate cake slice. They are one of the few bakeries which uses philo in the Napoleons, not pressed cardboard.

Much eye candy, the bakery is near a big fitness center and it's a major pathway from light rail to the civic center.

Back to the garage, paid for parking, up to the car and drove straight home. 7:30-ish, traffic was light but ruthless.

Home, no mail. Delivered was a 7# bag of cat food. Left on the front porch, when I opened the door Spot shot by like a rocket, hit the screen door hard, I had to shoo him away with my feet.

Watched PTI and Happy Hour. Tried to watch Good Morning Football, but those four people talk and talk and say very little, and then say it again 4 times, so I nuked the Tivo pass.

Phone notice said UPS delivered a package. Turned out to be another one, paper bowls. This time when I opened the door Spot put on more speed and knocked the screen off its track. He hit the border hard enough to stumble away.

Channel surfed, found something else to record. An MTV realty show featuring young women in thongs and their bare-chested boyfriends-of-the-hour. My kind of show.

Watched while consuming ice cream and later popsicles. Somewhere before that I ate a few slices of bologna. There's still a sandwich in the fridge.

Got my fast 85mm lens on the camera and a fresh battery plus a fully charged battery to carry. Leaving the GPS tagger behind, I can use PIE to enter the convention center's GPS info later. The unit is a big battery hog.

Plans for tomorrow:
Take my time, aim for 10 am to San Jose. The garage will probably be crowded, but there are alternatives.
Nothing at the con opens till noon, I have a "my schedule" on my phone.
Lunch & dinner in SJ, home late.

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