Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Worldcon Day 3-ish

Didn't get to SJ till 10, was too late to get to see any 10 am panels. Like Helsinki, most of the panel rooms are too small for the number of people who want to attend, but unlike Helsinki the halls are wide and the fans are polite and about 3/4 of the people who wait outside the room 10 minutes before start time get in, SRO if not seated.

The biggest problem is the readings, which are held in a room which seats about 30, and most of them attract 50 or more. For a con based in large part on writing and meeting writers in person, this is a major FAIL.

I did manage to attend a panel on near earth asteroid dangers, about 189 people in a room built for 200.

Highlight of the afternoon was an interview with Spider Robinson, in a large room, but not large enough. I was in the 3rd row, and was able to get some photos with my 85mm, but then the woman who had ruined my Helsinki panel for me decided to squeeze her fat ass between me and the fat guy one sat away. Three fat people in a space meant for three average sized people. She's always late, and always obnoxious about it. I got up and went across the room, sat on the floor by the wall. It turned out to be better view.

Also got to a very interesting panel on Chinese sci-fi and the thrills of translating and marketing to Americans. Went to the Korean equivalent panel, but my tummy decided it was not meant to be. Not a huge loss, because unlike the Chinese panel, none of the Koreans spoke understandable English. Odd, considering the high quality of English teaching there.

Late lunch was a Cobb salad and peanut M&Ms from the concession stand. Pretty good meal for $11.

Went downstairs and watched the contra dancing, which was kind of a mistake because there was Trailer Park going on on the other side of the wall. Signage FAIL again. Caught the last 45 minutes of trailers for upcoming movies, with related news & gossip from Hollywood.

Back upstairs for an hour for the artist reception, which had a nice buffet of goodies, which disappeared well before everything was eaten. They make great lemonade. I ran into some artist friends, and had fun watching people from across the room who were looking at my photos. I don't think I had any bids - not surprising because there were no pens around with which to write on the bid sheets.

Across the room to the Grand Ballroom, for Spider's concert. He looks a lot like Willy Nelson and sings in a similar style, except unlike Willy, Spider has a legit voice. Really powerful when he lets loose. In-tune baritone. He did as much reading lyrics as singing.

Frank Hayes was next, after Tim Griffin (MC) set up the concert with a skit about the plague affecting young people, where they forget the lyrics. Frank Hayes Disease is a legend in filk fandom. They set up a tip jar, and had people standing by to feed Frank lyrics, and to drop a donation into the jar (for charity) each time he forgot words. Which was often. The good news is most if us are long time fans, and know most of his songs, so there was a lot of singing along.

Next up was Jeff & Maya + Kristoff & Margaret's  Avalon Rising. I stayed for two numbers, but wanted to get my car from the garage and get home. $20 a day for parking is a lot less expensive than spending the night in a hotel, which a lot of the locals do.

Home, delivered was one litterbox cartridge, so I now had two, and was able the change both litterboxes. Spot put something in each one. Brat.

Spook came out of hiding while I was doing that, but ran away when I brought the cartridge into the office.

Finally had that bologna sandwich for dinner. Still need dessert. It's going to be a late night.

Cropped all the Spider pix and Frank pix. Posted them on FB. Will get them up on Flickr eventually. Still need to do opening ceremonies.

At the con I took Samsung's advice and did a factory reset on the tablet, but it still is locked out of the SmartThings hub account. I emailed them my displeasure.

Plans for tomorrow:
Con all day. Nothing I'm interested in till 11
I'll try to have dinner out
Masquerade is the big thing at night

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