Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Okay, that's over now (for me)

Up at 7:30, back to sleep for an hour, still recovering the tablet from Samsung's ill-advised factory reset till about 10. Got to San Jose just in time to miss the 11 am panel I wanted to see.

My panel was at 2, while hanging around outside the meeting room one of the panelists came by to say hi.

Walked over to Calahan's for the tall tales session at noon, but they took a long time to get started, so I schlepped to the art show, saw one of my photos sold (the lightning behind Rama IX bridge), then to the dealer's room where I got lost trying to find Spring's jewelry display.

Up to the meeting room by 12:55 hoping to get into the 1 pm session, but they had already closed the doors. They're not supposed to do that.

That session was done on time but the panelists took a while to get off their butts and out the door.

All my panelists except Frank Hayes were early, he was a few minutes late. We had already started but not by much.

The panel started out fine, but I lost control toward the end, could not get the new addition to stop talking long enough to wrap up.

Frank got nervous with 30 seconds to go, and he collected all the name signs, which wasn't necessary.

Unwoman had to leave early, she got a spontaneous round of applause as she left for her concert.

I went to watch/photograph it. A group of BASFA "friends" wouldn't let me sit where I could get good photos. They had reserved all the front tables. I did find a place to shoot from, and walked around the perimeter for more angles.

She took a break, I checked the art show again. Sales had ended, and one of my photos was missing. Its bid sheet was still there. Hmm.

Back to Unwoman for her 2nd set.

Sometime during the day I had a hot dog, a banana and a diet coke.

Art show again, long line of people buying art, so I went to a 5 pm panel with Spider and Peter Beagle among others on why authors kill their characters. I would bet real cash dollars they chose that topic with George RR Martin in mind. He was at the con, I saw him photobombing the Oz costume best of show winners out in the hallway.

6-ish, grabbed my unsold prints and bid sheets and found three photos had sold. One by bid, two by after-close minimum bid price.

$60 minus 10% show fee. with the $80 fee for the space, and $10 a print, major net loss. But I do it for the fame.

All the prints fit into my dino pack, which surprised me. I had a grocery bag in there just in case.

Grocery Outlet for ice cream, but they were all out - looks like that section of the freezer died. Got some chocolate mochi, which will just have to do. Also another brand of crab cakes and a couple of lunch candidates.

Home, Defrosted and fried up the crab cakes, added some marinated artichoke hearts. Mochi for dessert.

Downloaded the Unwoman photos, they will need a lot of cropping.

Printed a postcard from opening ceremonies as a thank you card and put that in an envelope with a calendar for K&C whom I met at the opening, and saw a couple more times. They also came to my panel.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call for an overdue nail appointment
Safeway shopping

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