Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I should have stayed another day at the con

At work early, nobody had updated James Bond, but there were directions on how to do it from the expert.

The directions were wrong. Totally bricked the machine to the point where it wouldn't even load the recovery USB.

And then some newbie comes over claiming that we have yet another build for the TV From Hell, which we thought we were done dealing with. Spent way too much time making my desk into a lab because the lab has no furniture and I don't want to move my server until it's really a lab. Turns out I also had to hook up the A/V receiver because the one show-stopper test was 5.1 audio. The big WTF was that until the TV was connected to a 5.1 receiver it didn't even say it was capable of playing 5.1.

Needed a break after updating the TV about 7 times, so I took James over to The Hole, where one of the engineers hacked it with RS232 and said the problem was I had not run the first part of the script, which didn't say it needed to be run unless the machine was locked, which is was not.

Back to Hole 3, set James aside for later, and ran the audio test on TV From Hell about 10 times, because even though the main problem was solved, it was not a pretty fix. I could hear where they kludged it. I can't close the bug, I'll let Netflix decide.

Lunch was in there somewhere, lemon basil fish. Strawberries. M&Ms to snack on at the desk.

5:30, one last pit stop (I stopped taking the diuretic for the duration of the con because restrooms were few and farfarfar between) then over to the nails place and got my week-overdue manicure. Cobalt blue again. The women next tome started a conversation, so I unshelled and chatted with her. She is off to Budapest and Croatia tomorrow, dammit. Next woman in that spot also wanted to chat. My manicurist was cracking up because she knows how shy I am.

Safeway, bought almost everything. Managed to not buy a 12th sugar free strawberry jam. Made up for it by grabbing 4 ice creams (2-fers of course). Peaches and nectarines were on sale, 5 of each. Limes were almost big enough, bought 4. Enough frozen lunches for 2 or 3 weeks.

A plastic gallon of 2%, they had no half gallons except $5 lactose-free, which I have found I don't need.

Home, after 8, 101 was crowded but do-able.

Brought in all the bags, Spot of course snuck outside, so I locked him out. Spook took advantage of the freedom to use the laundry room litterbox and let me pour her some treats in the kitchen. About 11:30 I heard Spot yelling outside, but he made me chase him around the house. Should have left him out there.

No time to finish the con photos. Maybe tomorrow night.

Signed up for a photo shoot next month. There was one this Saturday, but I want to check out the egret nests.

Also volunteered to write an article for an online zine a friend edits. On the musical Weird Romance.

No plans for tomorrow.

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