Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Eye Trouble

I couldn't see going in to work this morning. But finally got showered and out the door around 10:30. NP & I had to re-run all the required tests on the TV from hell, 46 of them. Of course some of them failed. There has been so much pressure to get this piece of crap approved, I have had some serious thoughts about quitting.

Here's my "lab":

The promised lab space was taken away to become a conference room, and the replacement lab, which was some Iranian manager's corner office, has no furniture and it's too small anyway. That thing on the chair is an Onkyo A/V unit, so I'm the audio tester. Over on the table on the right is James Bond, on end because there's no room to lay it flat, which is its usual working mode. On the floor is my usual lab TV. TV from Hell is in the center of the desk.

Lunch was beef teriyaki steamer, I ate out on the patio, which is right next to the freeway, so it's not going to become a habit.

We finished testing at about 4, there's a new guy in our office acting as liaison for the project and he is not qualified for the job. I keep having to correct him. One more reason to walk out.

Maybe tomorrow I'll get to work on James Bond. But I'm not holding my breath. 50-50 chance the clowns in Tokyo will send another build.

There were no doctor appointments for my PCP this week, so I called to see if anyone else could see me Friday. All the doctors at the clinic were booked this week. That's a lot of sick people. Got one for Monday afternoon with my doc.

Been hearing a lot about a movie Crazy Rich Asians, so after work I went to see it. Best decision of the week. Maybe the best chick flick ever. Shot mostly in and around Singapore, there is a lot of fine acting, excellent cinematography, some intimate scenes, some huge extravaganzas (the bachelor party is epic). Lots of LOLs, and I cried twice. The BFF's wedding scene was so beautiful my eyes were wet for 5 minutes. Someone named Kina Grannis sings an absolutely gorgeous Can't Help Falling In Love With You which sets up the most romantic bride's entrance ever. The second cry is a spoiler, let's just say it involves an engagement ring.

At its core, it's the classic story of boy meets girl, boy brings girl to meet mom, mom hates girl. But there are twists. Lots and lots of twists. And three or four sub-plots. There is a lot of fine acting all the way through to the smallest parts.

Home, cooked up a chicken thigh in garlic/onion/ginger/olive oil and then fried the last 4 crab cakes. Left over 1 crab cake and the drumstick. Mango chunks for dessert. Chocolate milk bedtime snack.

Spook's been out a lot tonight. Last night having Spot outside gave her some extra bravery. I also kept my bedroom door closed all night after Spot was out.

Plans for tomorrow:

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