October 17th, 2004


Only one box left

Got a lot of unpacking done today, and some other move-in stuff. Bought a medicine cabinet and mounted it on the bathroom wall - can't believe they built a bathroom without one - but had a brain fart and forgot to fill it with the stuff in the box on the bathroom floor, which is why I got the cabinet in the first place - to get that box emptied and into the recycle bin.

Also put the shelves into the bookcase - stupid movers lost two of the pegs which hold the shelves in place so I picked up a small packet of those at Orchard Supply. They were too big until I attacked the bookcase with a 1/4" drill. That cleared the way for unpacking about 15 boxes of books, photos, maps, postcards, scrapbooks, sheet music, and various odds and ends. So now the computer room is clear of boxes. Yay.

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Opened up the package of transverse rods which I was planning on hanging livingroom and bedroom curtains with, only to discover that 72" is not as wide as I thought it was. I can use one in the livingroom, just barely, but need something twice as wide for the bedroom.

Got one out of three calendars hung. Also need to hang a dozen or so pictures and posters. Next week. Because if things go as planned, in about 8 hours I'll be en route with a friend to the Half Moon Bay pumpkin festival. I don't think I've ever gone. Will bring my camera.
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Silly Me

A closer look at the curtain rod box shows it was 72 cm not inches, minimum not maximum. Went to Home Despot and got the 50"-86" ones. But the installation will have to wait till tomorrow, or when I get motivated, whichever comes last.

It rained, so my trip to HMB's pumpkin fest didn't happen. We went, instead, to the movies. "I ♥ Huckabee's". Dustin Hoffman, Lilly Tomlin, Jude Law, Mark Wahlberg were all excellent. Jason Schwartzman wasn't. The director did a superb job of reeling in Tomlin and bringing Hoffman out so they were a matched pair. I can't say enough about Wahlberg's performance. Unfortunately they don't give Oscars for best character actor, otherwise he'd be right up there.

Come to think of it, why the heck don't they? Most of the best real acting is done by people in the character roles.

Got 2/3 of my Netflix backlog taken care of - "Temptress Moon" only lasted a few minutes before I realized I'd seen that particular Gong Lee film before, maybe under a different title. Life is too short to watch the same movie twice. Watched "The Verdict" - Paul Newman, Jack Warden, James Mason and an incredibly Lauren Bacallish Charlotte Rampling. Excellent acting, okay script, it rambled a little until they got to the trial. I didn't think the ending was done well - no defense summation, no waiting for the verdict, and I would not have been swayed by Newman's closing arguments - not the most powerfully-written script, and the directing and editing were shoddy work. Didn't deserve a Best Picture nomination.

Added later:
Oh yeah, stay through the credits. About 3 minutes from the end of the credits they play a song which has interesting lyrics.
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