December 30th, 2004


Check out for Tsunami stuff

I've sent some $$ online to Mercy Corps, since it's faster than writing a check and I have a credit card with no finance charge on purchases, so it doesn't cost me anything extra. Saves the 37-cent stamp & envelope too.

I chose them because they have high marks for getting most of the donation money to the relief site, as opposed to some charities which eat up a chunk in admin costs. I also liked the diversity of efforts they are involved in, and a lack of overt religious references.

My web page starts with a table of places accepting donations, complete with clickable web links. Be sure to click the "more info" link, too.

Busy busy busy

I'm Mr. Ship-it at work today. End of the year (since we are closed tomorrow) we needed to ship everything out today in order to make the bean-counters happy.

They didn't tell me there would be 12 servers at 100 lbs a piece. Not until after I volunteered.

So of course the DHL guy arrived just as my boss was on the horn telling me one of our customers' servers was down.

And it was also lunchtime.

NASA_bighead Personality Tests

I am a charter member of, because the folks who started it hung around the Usenet news group, and so did I. In return for beta testing and adding some real names and faces to their start-up database, they gave me a free membership for life.

The new owners have graciously continued to honor that. I don't get all the new features, but they didn't take away any either.

I haven't been online for a LONG time, mostly because I have not revceived one single email message in more than 2 years - but with a face and figure like mine, that isn't surprising.

So I logged in this morning since it was way too hectic to Face Reality[TM] and they had two new (to me) personality tests.

Here is the short form of the results they emailed to me:

Personality Test

Your Qualities

  • Outgoing, but shy sometimes too
  • Clear thinker
  • Balance work and play
  • Focus on the possibilities in life

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