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I was on the PC at about 8 am, having opened the carport door but closed the screen door. Spot head-butted the screen door, which makes it pop open, and came inside yelling.

Up on time, out early, nothing to do at work at all. James Bond testing is done, there were no fixes for it. European STB which was supposed to have new firmware Monday still doesn't, and no news from manager in London who was supposed to be back today.

One more good thing, for the first time in a year I left my lunchbox home. Bananas and egg for breakfast and plenty of salads and sandwiches to choose from at lunch, plus the usual snacks & soft drinks.

Meanwhile, NP was having issues with her project. Some fools in Marketing decided it would be a brilliant idea build a whole Android STB into a sound bar. Someone doesn't understand feedback loops. So NP annoyed everyone in the stupid open plan office with a series of tests which set up a pulsating hum at full volume. Not her fault. Stupid idea, making an output device be an input device. None of our customers will need that - they all buy a sound bar as a cheap substitute for a full home theater speaker system for their already smart TV. 

No action on our lab. Facilities keeps handing off the work. We got maybe 12 updates to the ticket which basically passed it to someone else. At a lower priority. I did bring a blade to cut the "Iranian Googlers" label off the outside glass wall.

I had zero to do. Ran out of news to read. Checked on the cats a lot - Spot rotated between the livingroom floor, both recliners and the front window. Spook was mostly on the small tree by the porch window, sometimes under the coffee table.

The drive home was ugly - right as we approached the 101 overpass there was thick smoke which smelled like skunk, and even with the air conditioning on and air in recycle mode, I could still smell it. And it was especially thick over Moffett Field.

Delivered was a box of small packages of Werther's sugar free hard caramels, I thought I'd ordered the large packets. Also delivered was a Kardia EKG device. It's very small, connects to an app on the phone/tablet, and creates a 30-second electrocardiogram using fingertip pressure, which is sent to their server. The first one is analyzed by cardiologists before you get to see it, from then on they are emailed to you. About $100. It specifically targets atrial fibrillation, which is what I've got. Took a minute to set up, and hopefully I'll have results of my first test tomorrow.

Not delivered was the new tablet. Lenovo. The only 8" one at a reasonable price which is not a Samsung.

Also in the park slot was the rent bill. Nest has failed me, my electric bill (mostly from air conditioning) was double last month's. Nest keeps overriding my preferred 75-76° with 74. I may have to switch to the dreaded eco setting.

Finally sat my butt down and cropped/processed/uploaded all the remaining WorldCon photos to FB. Still need to upload them to Flickr.

Maybe tonight.

Dinner was clam chowder after a cole slaw appetizer. Spook came out from under the coffee table to sniff the air. I did not give her any chowder. But I did stand guard in the kitchen as she ate treats I poured out for her. Somehow Spot stayed in his recliner. Maybe he got the message of being locked out all night.

Watched Below Deck, and am really missing the Caribbean crew. These Club Med bozos mostly don't belong on a yacht.

Once again the local football game was replaced by a non-local one. Three, actually. Boo, hiss.

Plans for tomorrow:


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