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Plan A Most of the Way

Swiffered the kitchen floor, it is not as disgusting as before. Drove to the PO and dropped off the Lenovo tablet to return to Amazon. Thence to Fry's. where I found a replacement which I did not know existed. $90 for a Huawei 7" tablet. I prefer 7" but most manufacturers think 10" is a better size (to me that's a laptop) and small has become 8", which is bigger than I can comfortably hold in one hand.

Home, charged it up while watching football on Tivo, then transferred stuff from the Samsung tablet. It didn't transfer most of the apps, but the SD card from the Samsung was readable in the Huawei. I almost bought an ASUS tablet, but the reviews said those won't let you store apps on the SD card. The new tablet uses a chip made by the folks with whom I had shared The Hole.

So far one app won't run. Ford.

I suppose I should upgrade the OS to Pie, it's Nougat at the moment.

It sees my 5GHz wi-fi, but it's kind of slow downloading.

It was getting on towards noon, hunger struck, I had a big container of sourdough discard, so I made a batch of pancakes. Made each one the size of my omelet pan, added blueberries. Had two for lunch and froze 5 more.

After the football, went in search of a massage. I thought I'd seen an ad for a new place near Triton Museum, but it turned out to be one I'd been to before and didn't like. So up the road a bit to the place where I'd had the best massage ever, and lucky me, my favorite person was available so I not only got another best massage ever but a song. She has a very pretty voice.

Home, I almost stopped in at Psycho Donuts - they had a stand at Worldcon, and told me they were in the new shopping center near where I used to work. But I somehow resisted.

Nothing delivered, nothing but junk mail.

My finger is swelling up a little, looks like an insect bite so I benedryled it. And watched the 49er game with a cold pack on it.
Dinner was hot dogs, cole slaw and corn on the cob. Ice cream & pudding for dessert.  Watched two episodes of Trial & Error because Kristen Chenoweth. It is probably the worst written show on TV. On purpose. I think. Also watched another episode of MTV's T&A special, Are You The One? An even number of males and females, the conceit is that out of 11 pairs of seemingly random people, there are 11 perfect matches. The deal is the participants need to hook up - all 22 of them - to their perfect matches to win $1 million. I think that's $1 million to split 22 ways, which is only $45,454 each. Actually not bad for a 22-year-old. But it's a farce because the way the show determines who is a match is a total mystery. But it's worth it for the eye candy.

The new tablet did remember my Facebook, Instagram and health app logins. Meetup doesn't recognize the app. LinkedIn and MS Office needed me to log in. Ditto Kindle app. I still need to add the amazon app. But I think I have everything else I use the tablet for.

In other news my Nest thermostat has been malfunctioning. Firing up the aircon when it's 74 in the room, when it is set to not go below 76. And it dropped off the network - had to charge the battery. Those symptoms may be related.

Did a dishwasher load, it's still working on it. There are 2 weeks' worth of T-shirts to put away as well.

Spook has come out to the kitchen while I'm there, she knows I'll chase Spot away. He's asleep under my desk right now.

That Kardia toy is pretty neat. here's what it looks like - the glasses and pill case are for size:

Plans for tomorrow:
Put the zoom lens on the Nikon and drive to the end of Shorebird Way for egret nesting
Coffee w/Janice
Maybe watch more football. Or Match Game.

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