January 10th, 2005


It Could Be Worse

Started coming down with a cold after the football games last night. I figured this would happen, usually does after I've been on a plane or in the snow, or both. Dosed myself with generic Nyquil gel caps, curled up in bed with a good book and my cats, but the drugs did not kick in. Found myself going downstairs for mint tea at 2:15 am, turned on the tube and caught the start of a fascinating PBS special on American dialects. Robin MacNeil tours the US in search of changes in the American version of English, and at one point obliquely reveals his Canadian roots.

Finished my tea, took another gel cap, and I hit "record" on TiVo, will watch the rest at a later date.

Went to sleep promising myself to be an hour late getting up. Did that, took three generic Dayquil gel caps, and managed to get thorugh the work day felling only slightly worse than normal. Scratchy throat, a bit squirrelly from the caffeine, and very sleepy now.
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