January 17th, 2005


Oy is the opposite of Yo

Last things first. Exchanged the video card at lunchtime, popped it in this evening and my troubleshooting skills were rewarded. A whole bunch of configs became available now that the card has a working tuner. It was able to autoscan the cable channels and also autoscan FM stations. All channels are clear and strong. Yippee! But the remote doesn't work. Can't get the control panel to initialize it. Will have to RTFM.

Work was quiet, what with the rest of the US on holiday. CNN had the day off, which gave my engineers some extra breathing room.

Boss is in ATL to give some training, and the Sr. co-worker was in but will be on the plane for STL tomorrow morning. So it will be just the morning guy & me for the rest of the week.

UPS apparently delivered my exercise bike to the apartment complex office, though they were told to hold it for me at will call. It's way too big & heavy to leave in the office. Idiots.

Another shoe

Friday at 11:30 the boss came down the aisle and announced we were "having our meeting" at 1:30. Meeting? What meeting?

Then I get an Outlook calendar invite which lists everyone in my group, plus the COO, plus one of the engineers. Strange.

1:30 arrives, and the announcement is made that boss is taking a slight demotion so he can spend more time with his family. His family in Buffalo. We had a systems engineer opening there, and he is taking it. They have identified a potential new boss, but I didn't like the tentative tone the COO took when he mentioned that. It was either "this person is not really what we are looking for" or "this person may not accept the job". It's a 24x7 job. Someone who is Married With Children and wishes to remain that way should not take this job.

I'm glad soon-to-be-ex-boss will still be part of the group, but not glad to have to break in a new boss. This will be my 3rd boss since I got here in July.

Meanwhile, the engineer who was sitting in on the meeting had no idea why he was there. He was told to ask his boss. He may be put in charge of a large project we have going in India, or maybe he'll be the interim boss. One never knows, do one?
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