January 31st, 2005

Sgt. Redbeard


So I was channel surfing last week, and stumbled upon the most gorgeous young woman in a sexy red dress singing beautifully - in Spanish. The dress was embroidered silk, like a cheongsam except there were no sleeves, her shoulders were bare, and the dress tied with a cord behind the neck like a bikini top. She looked and sounded stunning.

So of course I kept watching. Until the phone rang - it was my parents, so I hit the "record" button on the TiVo, turned off the TV and chatted.

When I went back to play the rest of the show, it turned out to be the Azteca Channel's answer to American Idol.

But they do it very differently, and IMHO way better.
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I'm keeping it on my TiVo season pass list.

Oh yeah - I should mention that I don't speak Spanish, I just know a few words from living in California for 20+ years, and a week each in Cozumel and Puerto Vallarta.

Edit add:
The show's title is Aplauso, Aplauso and the first episode I saw was originally broadcast November 21, 2004. The singer who brought the house down is named Rubén, and they have a pretty nice web site - check out http://www.tvazteca.com/programas/entretenimiento/aplauso/ganadores/211104.shtml and click on Rubén's picture to hear his solo (requires Real Player).

KTNC-42, Cable Channel 19 (in Mtn View) Sundays at 4:30 pm.
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