February 3rd, 2005


Furry Orange Houdini

A few days ago, I woke to an odd rattling noise, like someone kicking a locked door with bare feet. I opened my eyes, the clock on the night stand said 6:55, the room was light so it must be AM, and raising my head a little more, the sound corresponded to Pumpkin butting his head into the closet door.

The bedroom closet runs the width of the room, and is guarded by three overlapping sliding doors. Heavy wooden doors. They are the same size and weight as the main bedroom door, but they have rollers on the top and hang from a pair of guide rails at the top of the closet.

As I watched, pumpkin pounded and pushed with his head until the front-most door was pushed about 4 inches to the side. Then he wedged his body in and pushed some more until he had a foot of clearance. The he went into the closet, and came back out almost immediately. Then he curled up in front of the closed section of door and went to sleep.

He's never done this before, and hasn't done it since. In my last apartment he was fond of opening cabinet doors in the kitchen and bathroom...
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