February 5th, 2005


Skinny Teeth

Last night's adventure was going to The Pear Avenue Theater conveniently located off Pear Ave. in Mountain View, to see Thornton Wilder's Pulitzer Prize-winning play By The Skin of Our Teeth.

A stranger mainstream play has never been written.

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The Pear is a hole-in-the wall "black box" theater which seats about 50 on bleachers in front of a bare floor. They have a nice lighting grid and sound system, but none of the other usual stage gizmos. It is located at the end of a row of warehouse businesses at the end of a dead-end road a block from Shoreline Blvd.

They have been in business for about two years now. Their goal is to bring professional acting to the local community. They also teach acting and playwrighting. I first discovered them when my assistant in a play I was directing landed a job stage managing there. I've been going there regularly ever since.

They also make the theater available to other pro and semi-pro groups, and the next show going up will be No Exit produced by my friend Meredith Hagedorn's Dragon Productions.