February 6th, 2005


Two Days...Two Plays

When my friend emailed a link to San Jose City Light's web site and I saw his former girlfriend and co-star was playing a leading role, I went to the online box office and bought a ticket to see the preview of The Waiting Room. The next day I found out I was on call that weekend, so had to trade my ticket in for last night's showing.

Edited to add an actual review...

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I first met Heidi in 1989 when she was 19, and playing the part of Katishaw in The Mikado for Mountain Community Theater in Ben Lomond. My buddy George was playing Ko-Ko, and somewhere between auditions and opening night they had become An Item.

They eventually split up, and the next time I saw Heidi was at BayCon in the mid-90's. In 2000, when I was working in Palo Alto, I bumped into her at an ATM machine, and we saw each other from time to time until I changed jobs a few months later.

This was the first time I had seen her since.

After the show, in the lobby, I waited for the mob in front of her to thin out. She didn't recognize me until I said hello, when her jaw dropped clear down to the floor. She ran to me and jumped up and gave me a big koala hug.

We did a little catching up (she's married to a chef, graduated from Jay Manly's acting conservatory at Foothill), then she ran backstage to get me one of her cards, and when she came back out she introduced me to her friends. There was a line in her program bio about something called Bella Luna Caravan, which these friends are part of. Turns out this is an SCA group which apparently broke away from Golden Stag Players, of which my friend farmount is a long time member, and when I described her to them, they said "that's Nightshade". Small world.

Heidi said she is now working for Artsopolis, which is run by another friend, Ed Sengstack, whose SO was in Man of La Mancha with me in 2000, and Ed played my son in Come Blow Your Horn in 2001. Smaller world.

She had a date to go clubbing with the rest of the cast, but she told em to call her and we'll "do lunch". Should be fun.
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