February 12th, 2005



Had a good day. Got the laundry done (it is so nice to have a washer/dryer in the apartment again, especially when you're down to the last pair of clean sox and it's raining). Made an omlette for lunch - haven't done that in a while. Usually don't have eggs or milk in stock. Nothing religious, they just spoil faster than I can use them. Usually don't have time to make an omplette either.

Went to the leasing office to pick up a couple of parcels. The 19" LCD monitor which I'd asked the vendor to ship to will call at UPS was instead sent to my home address, which delayed my getting it for a day, and also made me less popular with the apartment office staff, since they are not set up to store big boxes. The other parcel was a paperback of Wolves of the Calla which is, unfortunately, large format with big gaudy full-page color illustrations. I don't like large format because it's unwieldy to read at lunch, even in the cookbook holder which I usually bring along. And if I wanted to have someone else's vision of the characters and scenes from the story, I would go see the movie. If they ever make one. Or seven.

Set up the monitor, it replaces the 17" flat screen equivalent (both Dell) and I am pleased. The extra two inches is not really noticeable, but the newer technology is noticeably sharper and brighter, and a surprise bonus is the drivers are faster, so my windows pop up more quickly. I didn't expect that, since it's usually a function of the adapter card and not the monitor.

At about 3 I showed up at my ex-wife's house. Marilyn played my wife in Come Blow Your Horn at Santa Clara Players a few years ago. And a couple of years later I cast her in a show there which I directed. She's the head of their play-reading committee, which was wrapping up their meeting. I knew all the other committee members, one had been in the show I'd directed, one had produced it, and one was stage manager for CBYH. They had just decided next year's season. I liked two out of three of their choices. Arthur Miller's The Price is the only name I remember. The other good one is a mystery-comedy. The one I didn't like is an alleged comedy about a NYC director hired to put on Shakespeare in a dying hillbilly town. It has way more Bard than a comedy can support.

Besides timing my visit to heckle the committee, I was over there to give her brother Alan some PC and Web 101 lessons. He'd written down a list of things he did not know how to do, or had questions about, and we went down the list. He's recovering from cancer, and is looking at starting an eBay store as a low-impact career move. Next, I wanted to figure out why Marilyn couldn't reach a web site in the UK I sent her a link to. I thought I'd found the reason (too many hops from SBC to the UK) but when I got home I tried the same diagnostic, and it showed the same symptoms, even though I can get to that page. It has to be something in her browser settings that I missed.

Alan made dinner for us, eggplant parmesan and roast chicken breast. Yummy, or would have been if I liked eggplant.

Got home, watched TiVoed Joan of Arcadia and was not pleased that they have stopped crediting the music and musicians they use in the show. Will have to do some searching to find out who sang the final tune - they only played about 32 bars, about 2 lines of lyrics. Not much to go on.
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