February 16th, 2005


Rep. Eshoo Rips El Presidente

Hon. Anna Eshoo, Silicon Valley's representative to US Congress, recently sent an e-letter to her constituents which slaps Pres. Bush upside the head pretty good.

I had accidentally nuked the email, and when I went to look for it on Eshoo's page, discovered that the latest e-letter online was last August's. One of her nice staffers sent the letter to me, with this note:

Dear Mr. ******,

Below is the latest enewsletter from Congresswoman Eshoo. I believe it was sent last week. I will look into why the older ones haven't been posted recently and make sure they are. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


Lily Toton

Lily Toton
Senior Field Representative
Office of Congresswoman Anna Eshoo
698 Emerson Street
Palo Alto, California 94301
(650) 323-2984 phone
(650) 323-3498 fax

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I figure they've had long enough to clean it up, so bit the bullet and installed SP2 on the home PC. Still have SP1 at work and on the laptop because one of the company's video players croaks under SP2.
Did it the Right Way™:

  • Nuked a bunch of software I don't use anymore
  • Updated my virus software and did a full system scan (it was clean)
  • Ran SpyHunter, and killed a bunch of adware
  • Set a restore point
  • Did the upgrade
  • Crossed my fingers
  • Un-crossed my fingers so I could reboot the system
  • Watched in amazement as nothing went wrong

When SP2 boots for the first time it put up a simple but annoying configuration screen. Which reminded me to do a couple more things:

  • Turn off the effing MS firewall
  • Turn off the effing taskbar "red shield" warning icon which says the firewall is disabled
  • Turn off the effing taskbar "yellow shield" warning icon that virus protection is out of date

Then I tested all my favorite programs, and watched in utter amazement as they all functioned correctly.

But there's always Karma. Somewhere, someone is installing SP2 and it's frying their hard drive, zapping their network card and making their monitor implode.
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