February 17th, 2005


I don't feel like I only had 4 hour's sleep

I have no idea why. I also have no idea why I could not get to sleep last night. Everything pointed to blissful REM time:

  • Yummy din-din
  • Marathon computer update session
  • Exercise biked till my legs were numb
  • Both furballs were parked at the foot of the bed
    • Pumpkin at the far left
    • Domino at the far right
    • Plenty 'o' room for my feet in between
  • Boring talk show on the radio
  • Comfy 70° thanks to new programmable baseboard heater thermostat

But at 2 am I found myself turning the light back on, reading all the way through the latest Mountain View Voice, picking up Metro and reading all the new movie reviews (and being pleasantly surprised to see another Thai film hit the mainstream, with great reviews).

Turned on the TV - it was on CNN - and saw Bush's smirk and heard his cloying voice, which shocked me even more awake as I couldn't find the remote's "off" button fast enough.

Put on ELV1S 30 #1 Hits CD and listened to the whole thing. Almost every song has a memory attached to it, which got my brain spinning even more. I'm not sure which one spun it the most:
Wooden Heart
in which The King sings a couple of verses in German, doing to that language what Jeffrey Dahmer did to his victims. Yes, after he killed them, Elvis swallowed his words.
In The Get-Toe
A song which was revolutionary when it was released, made more so by its being sung by a southerner who, up till that point, had toed the political line. This is a guy who allowed himself to be drafted in the regular army and serve just like all the other guys, when he could easily have gotten a deferment or assignment to the entertainment corps. Compare this to that great patriot, Ronald Reagan:
The Army Air Force called Reagan to active duty and assigned Lieutenant Reagan to the 1st Motion Picture Unit in Culver City, California, where he made over 400 training films

With stuff like this rolling around in my head, how could I get any sleep?

The last time I remember looking at the clock it was 3:05. The alarm woke me at 7.
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