February 20th, 2005


Two reviews

I went to see No Exit at the Pear Avenue Theater in Mountain View with my ex-wife Marilyn. Okay, she only played my wife on stage, in Come Blow Your Horn at Santa Clara Players. She also played in Murder Most Fouled Up with Meredith Hagedorn, who is the founder and impresario of Dragon Productions which was producing No Exit. I have seen and enjoyed all the Dragon Productions shows so far, and have especially enjoyed Meredith's performances in them.

Meredith is an excellent actress, a member of Actor's Equity, and her dream is to find a home for her company in Palo Alto, where she will continue to provide professional-quality theater in a small venue.

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My plan for Saturday was to go to WonderCon in the city and catch Kevin Smith's panel, but at the last minute a friend called who had lost a close friend Thursday, and was looking for someone to keep her company and go see a movie. I'd wanted to see the Thai film Ong-Bak after reading the glowing Metro review, so that's what we saw.
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No work Monday. No plans. Lousy weather, so I probably won't take the train into SF and wander around like I would have liked. Ditto driving down to SCruz. Netflix DVDs, I guess.