March 4th, 2005


Southern Belle uses the F word...gets 700+ comments

Cherie Priest is a fledgling author in Chattanooga, and thanks to prolific posts in her excellent writing style on numerous subjects of wide interest, she is probably one of the most well-read blogs on LJ. cmpriest had a strict Christian upbringing, and while she has broken free of those chains, it's rare to see her resort to profanity.

But when she does, she gets attention. More than 700 comments in a day to her latest use of the F word.

If you are up to it, check out

Her argument is that if women just stop having sex with men who think they are not responsible for the babies they help bring into the world, it will solve the problem of unwanted babies.

Nice try, Cherie, but the attitude you rant about is kept in place by men who aren't making babies anymore.