April 14th, 2005


Mostly accurate scarey meme

Thanks to seamoose for the pointer.

The No-Hassle Day Planner for the Clinically Insane by MilesToGo13
This morning, you should...check to see how the guests you keep in the basement are doing, and perhaps refill their water bowl.
Then, after lunch...have an in-depth discussion of Marxism and its effects on the global macro-economy with a lamp post.
Dinner will consist of...a very nice pair of shoes with lots of good leather left on them that someone was just going to throw away.
Afterwards, you set off into the evening to...scream at random people that the sky is falling, shortly before you hit them over the head with a mallet.
At the height of your madness, you will callseamoose
And the two of you will proceed to...practice the fine art of helping one another escape from straight-jackets using only your teeth.
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A couple of corrections. I would never hit anyone over the head with a mallet. I have always lived by Abe Lincoln's words "With mallets towards none, and charity from y'all. I would use a fly swatter, or a cream-filled cast iron skillet.

At the height of my madness I would think of seamoose, but since I don't have his number on my cell phone I would call someone else. Probably a certain crisis line in Livermore. [evil grin].

That shoe sounds like good eatin', and would definitely set well in last night's marinade, made with particular brand of Cabernet Sauvignon Trader Joe's was selling for $1.99 a bottle.