May 24th, 2005



Tonight will be my night to cook & freeze. I finally threw out some tubs of Thai curry which had followed me around since the mid 80's, and bought a couple of fresh ones at Ranch 99. Green and yellow curry.

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Tonight's efforts will be yellow curry chicken and green curry beef. I have bonesless skinless chicken thighs and a roll of flank steak to work with.
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Jedi Joke de Jour

Subject: Nasty attack
From: (Lee K. Seitz)
Newsgroups: rec.humor.funny

Hasbro recently released the first wave of Star Wars toys based on the
upcoming movie. Each has large lettering on one side describing
something about the toy or character. Most say something like,
"Lightsaber Attack," "Wookie Rage," "Jedi Kick," or "Firing
Arm-Blaster." One group, however, has the most insidious attack of
all. They're labeled "Republic Senator."