June 4th, 2005



Got some stuff accomplished, starting last night.
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This morning:
- Picked up a package I'd been waiting for for 2 weeks. Roxio's latest (7.5), or so I thought, which I'd bought online at half off.

- Took the old modem back to Comcast, got a receipt and a $3/mo discount.

- Headed for Sunnyvale Petco to look for clippers to help with Pumpkin's matting problem. It's way worse than before The Bath, thick mats close to the skin all along his back 1/3. Scissors won't cut it, pun intended, and neither will the mat-cutter combs I have, at least not without skewering him. As I was passing Target, I remembered I needed kitty litter, and they have the lowest price on 20-lb. bags. Turns out they also had clippers. And they also had a rechargable cordless beard trimmer which looked like it would be perfect for the cat's mats. And there were a bunch of other things I needed while I was there. Never did get to Petco.

- In the parking lot I opened the Roxio package, and saw it was 7.0. I need 7.5. So off to Fry's where they have 7.5 for $20 off, plus there's a $30 rebate.

- Home, installed Roxio, started it making a backup to DVD. Will use it to make a slide show DVD of my Baycon photos, maybe tomorrow night.

- Tried the trimmer on Pumpkin, he let me shear off a few mats before geting peeved. It was like shearing a sheep. Will do more as he allows.

- Made lunch, played with the cats out on the patio.

- Checked my Roxio online order and saw I'd misread it. Maybe I'll sell it on eBay, maybe I'll donate it.

On for tonight:

Absence of a Cello closing night at Santa Clara Players. Watch for a review. Two friends are in the cast, and I've known the director a long time. His wife was in the last show I directed.